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Hello, Goodbye 26: Make the Best of It

Hello, Goodbye 26: Make the Best of It published on 27 Comments on Hello, Goodbye 26: Make the Best of It

I’m up in Vancouver this week (and next week) for CAMP MONSTER BONES, a two week adventure where I hang out with Sfé Monster and we work on projects! One of those projects is FINISHING EXCHANGES, which is really soon because this is the penultimate page! Hooray! I’m excited!

I don’t have much else to say about this, other than drawing Anthony smiling is a lot more fun than drawing him angry and sad.

Next week is the VERY LAST PAGE of Exchanges and I hope y’all like it because I’m working really hard to make it a super rad page! Then I will take a two to four week hiatus (I haven’t decided yet) to gear up for the next comic, and I will use that time to answer another batch of READER QUESTIONS. YAY!


If I haven’t said it before, let me say it now…. You do great work Kory…

This is some of the best stuff out there… The lighting,…the colors,…the exceptional characters…

I honestly believe you could give Charles Vess a run for his money…

Jadugara ^_^

I thought beer was supposed to make your blood vessels open up, and so makes a lot of you flush red, and not a shred of pink on Blanch. Or…his blood is white…


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