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And begin to worship Dagon by the looks of things.

The Lovecraft fish-god? I’m sorry, but I don’t think I understand the reference. Is it that she has a hint of gills and is wearing an ammonid pendant? (I can’t think of anything else for that Dagon, nothing for Mehrunes Dagon, and can’t think of any other Dagons. Your comment sounds really witty, so I feel that I’m missing out.)

who cares about bein normal… i used to be bullied/picked on/made fun of every day in school and guess what the result is… im happy bein my self. i dont bother trying to fit in, couldnt care less about fassion, and i still make freinds AND have a good life

Normal is a state of mind, a sick, small, twisted and sorry state of mind. I was harassed and abused by other kids my whole life, and rejected by adults when I was trying to be “normal”. When I learned to live with who I am, and not try to please others, I found people I could be friends with, and happiness with myself.

Normal is a statistic, and whether or not it’s a “sick, small, twisted, and sorry state of mind” depends entirely on the sample pool. Perhaps you mean craving normality for the sake of fitting in? (I, for example, would love to be more or normal among my peer group, which consists of lovable weirdos, but I hate being normal as in my normal state, which is sobbing into a pillow, literally fleeing from social situations, and nearly passing out from hyperventilation on a bi-hourly basis.)

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