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Hello, Goodbye 13: Everyone Knows it’s Windy

Hello, Goodbye 13: Everyone Knows it’s Windy published on 26 Comments on Hello, Goodbye 13: Everyone Knows it’s Windy



That little buggane girl has SO MANY crushes on Zech. Look at her. She’s adorable. All the crushes. Buggane girl you don’t want anything to do with Zech. He smells like a county fair and tastes like an ashtray.

Hey guys did you know that Monster Bones updated with a brand new comic?

It’s called “Not a Talking Dog” and you should totally go check it out.


…I’ve never heard that song before, but I have heard the tune in a 7up comercial. Now I have something about tickling ponies stuck in my head…
I’ve always liked the animal barns at the county fair with the hay and dust, ashtrays on the other hand are completely revolting.
Nice faces and panel layout.

Is David like in a flux all the time? His arms keep (independant of each other) changing from normal to purple and he even grows feathers when he gets too excited.
The only thing, that should NOT change, should be the tattoo on his left shoulder I guess. It’s red in some panels (page 8, 9, 11), even on the characters page, but here and on page 12 it is blue.

Oops! You win a Noprize! Looks like I wasn’t as diligent with keeping David’s tattoos in line as I thought I was. :O

No… no, I think I’m all right. Windy doesn’t seem to work as an earworm in my case. Then again, I have spent whole afternoons with L’ultima prova from Don Giovanni running through my head, or the finale from Act 1 of The Magic Flute.

I had heard of the song, though, because an instrumental version was used as the closing/credits music for Today, a regional news magazine programme broadcast on Thames Television in the UK in the 1970s. Today is now mainly remembered as the venue for that live interview between Bill Grundy and the Sex Pistols. The producers and crew have commented that they had never been so happy to hear Windy start playing as they were on that day.

Anyway, I’ve come up surprisingly light on musicians who might not be fully human, apart from Keith Emerson, probable manticore, and Greg Lake, who has the distinctive Cheshire cat grin. Hmmm. Following the flight theme, Camel have a number of flight-related songs, not to mention a whole album based on The Snow Goose by Paul Gallico, and both Andy Latimer and Pete Bardens look slightly avian. Gong is probably haven to a number of mythos – Didier Malherbe has a decidedly centaurean look – and I doubt if anyone would have noticed if someone’s form had slipped during their heyday. Neither Peter Gabriel nor David Bowie look or act particularly human if they can avoid it, but they’re difficult to pin down. As for Sparks, I’m not sure that the Mael brothers are even mortal born: if you look at This Town Ain’t Big Enough for the Both of Us as an essay on the futility of lust, Talent is an Asset as an essay on the futility of pride and ambition, and so on, it seems possible that Here in Heaven might be based on personal testimony… although they don’t possess Gabe’s level of cynicism.

The Association–One Hit Wonders? Geeze, these guys don’t know as much about music as they would like to think! How about “Along Comes Mary,” “Never My Love,” and “Cherish?” All top 10 on the Billboard charts (and a dozen others in the top 100). I grew up with Windy on the radio. Just wait. One of these days, kids will refer to Linkin Park as “are they still alive?” See how THAT feels! Grump.

Besides, if anyone was some kind of weird creature, I’d nominate Keith Richards, Hendrix, or David Bowie (the eyes are a dead giveaway).

So’s you know:

‘Gotten’ is a U.S. term. Brits say ‘got’. Especially Liverpudlians.
FYI; ‘dove’ is a bird, ‘dived’ is when you plunged into the water.
‘Thunk’ is when you hit your head. ‘Thought’ is when you had a think.
We do say ‘tom-ah-to’, yes. We don’t say ‘po-tah-to’ though.
If you’re saying ‘sod off’ to this, that’s good…’re thinking like a Britlander, babes.

Actually, ‘dove’ is correct. It’s one of those things (dammit I KNOW what it’s called, why can’t I remember?) like sit and sat, give and gave, speak and spoke, sing and sang, get and got, swim and swam, take and took, and drink and drank.

I GOT to know – what is that creature in the second panel, bottom right of the Centaur. Looks like a Boogane, like Ike’s mom, with the fins on his arms and gills on its neck, and also the horse-like ears. But it has a human face. I thought it was a brown nixie at first but I guess not. What is that?

I was on Pandora earlier today. “Animal” by Miike Snow came up and made me think of this page. Seriously, the lyrics? “I change my shape just to hide in this place / But I’m still … an animal.” It didn’t come out until five years after this page takes place, so there’s no way David would mention it, but, man, do those lines make it sound like the three of them are non-humans using medallions.

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