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Reader Questions: Mixed Marriages

Reader Questions: Mixed Marriages published on 13 Comments on Reader Questions: Mixed Marriages

Reader questions! Today’s question comes from Eximplode!

Honesty though, don’t think too hard about it ’cause then you get into weird things like “oh hey that couple is comprised of a giant quadrupedal bird monster and a tiny deer human” and I don’t know about you but I don’t really want to think of the logistics of that at all.

However, today you get to see Jim’s parents, Jim’s Uncle Paulbert and late Aunt Nancy, and Abbie’s parents Aeron and Meg. Apparently I think all women should wear glasses I guess.


Awwww! Abby’s dad is adorable!

Also, on your formspring, you mentioned the story taking place 7 years before use of full-body scanners. I have no idea what your plans for future storytelling might involve, but Britain only has one or two of the scanners. Their research didn’t find them to be effective, so they’re now boycotting them. Again, no idea if you’ve got plans for a 2010 storyline, but it does give monsters a bit more freedom in Britain than the States.

Don’t the people have some underground ways to get where they want to or some strings they can pull so they are not discovered. On the other hand. “hey I saw a big lion bird thing in the scanner” But you look like a human. i think it’s broken.

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