Issue Three page 8


Greg! I choose you! Greg uses Headbutt!

Gotta admit, that was pretty cool though,”RAAWWR-HUURK!” makes me think ole passive greg can layeth the smack down if he wants.

Hmm…I guess blunt force WOULD be better at getting through something like thick fur than claws and teeth would. ‘Course the downside of headbutts is that they DO hurt you, too. Try it too often and you could scramble your eggs but good.

That’s why things with horns designed to hit with have special reinforced skulls. I bet Greg does too.

Goats, sheep, and other horned ungulates have a thicker skull and stronger neck musculature than other critters. (Like the Bighorn sheep in the Rockies, or ibex of middle Europe.) I’m certain Greg doesn’t have mere human bones and muscles anymore, but a complex osteo-muscular (that’s not a word, but I can’t recall the special term for the skeletal- and muscular-system) build that absorbs hard shocks to the head effectively.

And it IS a fictional webcomic, you know. *wink-wink*

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