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So…are Jim and Perry bisexual, or where they joking around at the beginning of the story about having been together?

Ittttsssss Complicated. “Half Gay” is probably accurate. Bisexual doesn’t seem to be the right word. Gay for each other maybe?

Possible. It kind of makes sense when one thinks about it. The line between “best friends for life” and “best friends with benefits” might be a little thin at times, especially if they were both young, nervous, and not quite sure what they were really looking for. It’d be a safe-ish option.

To quote the Reader Questions:
Lorne: “Wikipedia says I’m… pansexual? I guess?”
Jim: “Wikipedia says a lot of things.”

As a pansexual, I can say that having your sexual orientation be “people” would really come in handy if your community contains dozens of different species. Pansexuality can range anywhere from “slightly more open-minded bisexual” to “will shag absolutely anything”, but these days I think it tends towards “attracted to [consenting adult] humans”, with the hypothetical addition of “and other people” for the more fantasy/science-fiction-loving folks.

It occurs to me that some people might not understand how a sexual orientation can go beyond bisexual without including other species or whatnot. The complication comes with intersex, transgender, and otherwise gender-non-conforming people. Bisexual people are definitionally attracted to more than one sex, but may still not be interested in people who don’t fit the typical gender binary. Pansexuals may have things they’re more or less attracted to, but generally don’t feel limited by a person’s gender/sex/whatever. Pansexuals could be seen as a subset of bisexuals, or “like bisexuals and then some”.
*cue The More You Know star again*
(Sorry for going into education mode in a webcomic comments section.)

Actually it’s moe like bisexuality includes attraction to many genders (the idea that it doesn’t include intersex/nb/trans folks stems from biphobic views) but not necessarily equally, while pan people tend to not include gender in their equation – but there is a huge amount of overlap and different bi/pan people have slightly different definitions!

Being a bisexual I have run into a lot of confusion surrounding my sexuality by others. Most people assume if you’re with a guy, you’re gay. If you’re with a girl you’re straight. Doesn’t help that a lot of gays and lesbians accuse bi’s of “fence-sitting” or that we are trying to be more “mainstream be talking about/dating in hetero relationships. It’s kinda lame, really.

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