Heartaches 39: Strike a Nerve

Holy crap! It’s the last page of the chapter! I hope you enjoyed it! I’m going to take January off to recharge my batteries and get some other projects done, so Exchanges Chapter 3: Hello Goodbye will start February 1st!

And check out what’s new in the store!


I’ll survive January. I ordered three sets of charms so I can have one on each of my packs. SD happiness every day! Whooo!

I think this is actually a nice spot to leave a 1-month hiatus, it just feels like the point in the story where something’s about to take all the exposition leading up to this point and plunge off into something new. Plus, you get four weeks to cogitate upon it all. :)

Man. That’s a whole lot of sad.

Oh, but cool. A retarded magical prancing white deer? Is it my birthday already? I totally need both of those.

Ahhh, you should totally have an archive section for the pages to be seperate T^T, was hard to find the page I left off since my bookmarks thing keeps sending me to the most recent pgae :C

ugh Alec’s face in the fourth panel is impossibly adorable!!! I need him to be real and be in my life!!!!!!

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the tumbles
  • photo from Tumblr


    So I’ve recently REALLY gotten into Kory Bing’s Skin Deep (check it out), a story about mythical creatures hiding in human society. Here’s a few pictures I’ve drawn of people I know (most of which don’t actually read the comic, so they’re amazingly good sports).

    I’ve got to hand it Ms. Bing, she’s really good at thinking up believable characters and making interesting settings cause I’ve pretty much been absorbed in drawing stuff based on the comic now.

    I’m currently trying very, very hard to not write a full fledged fan-comic about these people I’ve drawn (or as I like to call it, pulling a Loftlocked).

    But yeah, what do you guys think?

    Cool fan characters!!


Art and Story © Kory Bing 2006-2012
Anthony Gillis, Blanche Noir, Rupert Burton-Fitzgerald, Pheonix, and Royce Carmikal created by Sfé Monster.
Alec Hyde, Ike Sanford, Sam Hain, Rhonda Phelton, Dermot Ainesborough created by Sheana Molloy.