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I would love to see a few more “living fossils”. Like the sauropods that supposedly wander deep in the Congo, or the “velociraptors” that prowl a few hidden plateaus in South America. :D I’d imagine these critters would be very much like Stanley. Similar as in how Stanley is a descendant of a species that managed to hold on. With so many years of evolution, they may look quite different from any prehistoric creatures we know.

Thank you for the reader questions! I enjoy them almost as much as the comic itself, so take your time preparing for the next arc. :D

You know what’s funny? Both the Questing Beast and the long-necked leopard are very clearly the result of garbled accounts of Girraffes. “It’s spotted like a leopard, but has a really long neck!” turned into “It’s a leopard with a really long neck!”. “It’s got hooves like a deer, a tail like a lion, it’s body is covered in leopard-like spots, but it has a long, snakey neck” got turned into the questing beast. Or someone found a sauropod skull and neck and thought the same thing.

‘slike Unicorns being a LOT fatter in real life than they’re usually depicted.

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