The Bugbear Talisman

Skin Deep is back yaaaay!

We’re back in the Liverpool Avalon for this story! It’s about a bugbear talisman! What is a bugbear talisman?? Keep reading to find ooouuuuttttt!


Look closely, they’re being spiiiiied upon…. :)

Well CCTV is going to be no use to her whatsoever, how else is Madam U gonna keep an eye out for shoplifters?

Oh god, i knew a girl named Snodgrass in my art class a few years ago. She was probably the most annoying human being ever lol XD

Surprised a certain shop keeper hasn’t told them off for loitering around the counter.

Also, nice view of the Avalon exterior.

Wheeeheee! I enjoyed the “drawing of” videos, but the best thing is (as ever) reading a new page here!

Am already feeling slightly sorry for Ike… I have a feeling he’s in for a rough time as the object of a prank…

Yay! A new page!! It’s always great to see an update after a break. Will you be back to your regular schedule from here on out?
Also, I can’t begin to say how happy I am that we’re back in Liverpool. It’s just such a visually interesting place and I adore how you draw it. I guess I should be looking forward to lots of background cameos from other characters here and there just like in Exchanges, huh?

Yay! Back! And yay for another harpy’s-eye view of the LA! That Lily Snodgrass certainly looks like trouble, and I wonder whether she ever uses her surname when among her peers.

There’s certainly some interesting stuff in that cabinet… is that yellow thing in the middle a hand of glory? That fluorite-looking geode, though, certainly looks worth snapping up for only a tenner. And while I’d be very careful about touching that bugbear talisman, I suspect the cast won’t be. Let the fun commence!

Haha, I love Alec’s face. His grin reminds me of the Grinch’s ^_^
Also, I can’t remember what sort of building the avalon is in, but it must be flipping huge to be able to hold that entire city.

The LA is hidden as a warehouse, so yeah, pretty big.

you, know, there is a kid at my school who looks just like alec, but younger and without the facial hair! Even the hoodie looks similar! Crazy, right?

Wow, it looks like you’re building up so many storylines, you might have to do one in B&W just to keep from being stuck in that one year for forever.

I love the art for the amethyst geode. That is cool. I remember the beginnings of this comic when the art was more crude, but still enjoyable, and the story arcs have always been well written. Now, the skills and the imagination in the art matches the skill and imagination in the story telling. Masterful work, Kory!

Hi Cory! I met you at PAX Prime and finally made it to your site this weekend. Spent most of it reading your whole back catalog. Fantastic, engrossing work. The panel on this page with the sky view of the L.A. is one of my favorites. Paging back through again, its amazing how well you’ve maintained consistency through the city layout. I’d love to see a detailed map of the city! (Yeah I’m the guy with notebooks of hand-drown Zork maps.) Anyway, thanks for sharing your world with us. I’m looking forward to see what happens next!

Would Dean, the Chechen wolf, be a totem? I looked it up and Wikipedia says that the Chechen wolf is the “national embodiment” of the Chechen nation.

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