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In worlds where magic is actually a thing, most people go out of their way to keep things like hair (or feathers) from falling into other hands. I would guess that large feathered (or scaled) creatures are taught from an early age to pick up after themselves. You have to admit, it would be hard to drop a five-foot feather without noticing it.

Thank you for answering my question! **bounces** Me, if I found a feather like that, I’d get the thing certified by a zoologist or vet or some such ASAP, and then I’d probably freak out volubly about cryptids. ^_^ Rumors are one thing; physical proof is an entirely different kettle of coelacanths!

The odd thing is that people seem to think it’d be easy to fake a giant feather. I’ve imped feathers before (joined a cut length of feather to another via very small pins glued inside the shaft before assembly to create abnormally long feathers) for cosplay work, and believe me, you can spot an imped feather or a fake very easily– for something that looks so simple, feathers are enormously complex.

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