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Speaking on the children of typhon, are there any multiheaded cretueres like hydra or Cerberus? If yes then how do they work? And do they have a medallion?

Byzantine Eagles have already been introduced (in an RQ, several years ago) they have two heads, and are not sentient. That said, there are probably other multi-headed species out there, and depending on how dangerous they are, the Sphinx Elders may or may not have agreed to allow them to have medallions. My guess is “probably not.”

I still want to see Hyde interact with a brownie (pronounced Broo-Nee).

That said, I did some research on Bugbears and found that they are said to be a sort of evolved form of a malicious hobgoblin. There’s something we’ve yet to see in the Skindeep universe, goblins and hobgoblins. Hobgoblins, often short termed to just “Hobs,” are described as being quite helpful around the house, provided you leave them scraps or a bowl of cream each night and don’t offend them in some way. Hobs have a very interesting lore, seeing as they’re described as usually being helpful and mischievous only when helping to ensure work gets done around the house or feeling slighted.

Incidentally in at least two of the different Nemean Lion legends, he was yet another son of Zeus (this time from Semele) and Hera was the lion’s wet nurse/trainer, party so she could arrange for the lion to kill Hercules (another of Zeus’s kids by someone else’s wife) to rub his nose in it.

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