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It tries to give good dreams when it possesses someone, but it’s also got no idea exactly what that is so it’s a lot of Chrismasween stuff.

Also the person possessed goes from house to house singing until finally let in or dawn comes.

Halloween antics ain’t all that; Christmas is the season where it’s at!

Scaring people might be fine, but Christmas cheer is divine!

Halloween wailing makes me sad, while Christmas carols make me glad!

Now I’m running out of time, so here is where I end my rhyme!

One of those showed up in Manly Guys Doing Manly Things at one point. It challenged Commander and Jones to a wassailing contest, which they intentionally lost because it was a great singer and they wanted it to stick around for a bit.

The fact that this tradition exists, but My Little Pony still went with windigoes for their Christmas analog antagonists has some very unfortunate implications…

I think the Mari Lywd would have freaked me out horribly as a child, but I would enjoy some modern shenanigans now. Wish it got more rep in media.

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