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Bugbear Talisman 11: Being of Extreme Interest

Bugbear Talisman 11: Being of Extreme Interest published on 92 Comments on Bugbear Talisman 11: Being of Extreme Interest

There’s only one page left of Bugbear Talisman! Just a heads up: I’m going to be taking a bit of a break between this story and my next one so I can clear off some of the other projects I have piled up. I normally take a break between stories anyway, but I wanted to make sure y’all know what’s going down! I will most likely be starting up Reader Questions again during the interim! Yay!


wonderful job on Alec! Is that a style change with your work? he looks so much more detailed.

I think that’s just because he could only get “most” of the honey out of his fur.

I think he did it for the extra effect. I mean, he could’ve just turned into a human and washed it off in the shower :D

I.. I don’t think that’s how it works.. I’m most likely wrong but.

If cloths go into memory when the illusion is off.. wouldn’t the illusion of humanity cover up the mess that is in full/midform?

well page 6 of the nixie spit story would lead me to believe that the medallions can clean mundane things up, just not magic things. So I’m agreeing that it was all just the extra effect on Alec’s part.

I cannot tell if Lily is turned on, terrified or both.

I am betting both, actually. I freaking love your expressions, Kory B.

Both, definitely.

…if this is Bugbear courtship, imagine what the breakup is like…

All I can picture is a small section of town being turned into Silent Hill, as everyone suffers the pair trying to make each other miserable.

Except I think a bugbear would actually enjoy that. Maybe when bugbears breakup they start acting super polite and pleasant with each other?

They probably just start ignoring each other.

No, it would be so much better if they started calling each other fancy titles, talking in flowery voices, giving each other chocolate and handmade plushies for each other. All of this would of course be done with utmost humiliation in mind for the recipient.

The more I look at this the more hilarious it gets XD
Alec is threatening her and he’s still pretty much hunnified XD
Is Lily’s friend seeing all this, or is this just some sort of Bugbear warning system that specifically targets the person that pranked them.

YES. Alec is bar far one of the most favorite characters in the avalon. Seeing him this way puts a smile on my face from ear to ear. XD She is so boned for life.

Hey Lily, good news and bad news

Good news: The Talisman definitely works*

Bad news: You now have the personal attention of a bugbear

Worse news: This may be the bugbear version of courtship.

*Assuming this isn’t a elaborate prank by Alec that has only just began.

For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind: it hath no stalk; the bud shall yield no meal: if so be it yield, the strangers shall swallow it up. Hosea 8:7 (KJV)

Yep, even the Old Testament saw it coming. Which reminds me – she could have put some milk in with that honey, preferably curdled. Anyway, Alec is probably determined to prevent her from yielding any further grains of satisfaction from her victory, while everyone else will be reaching for the popcorn. At least she got a drink out of it… although she might want to check the mead out carefully, or drop a bezoar in, just in case.

It didn’t even take him long. So yeah, Alec probably did just jump straight to the right conclusion.

Alec: Towel, please, mate. And, d’you smell glaistig?
Ike: Whuh? Oh, ok….. …..and yeah, there is a glaistig scent now you mention it. Um, your, uh… bucket?
Alec: Here. Hmph… Lily bleedin’ Snodgrass. Thanks. She’ll probably be down the Drunken Satyr, toastin’ her victory…. *grnf* Right, c’n see where I’m going now. Let’s get this over with.

As for all the shipping comments, I’d say that one of the only ways that Lily could extract herself from the hole she’s dug would be to convince Alec that she was secretly after that sort of attention all along… and then edge towards him as he backs slowly away.

I wish I had a local that served mead in little bumblebee tankards

hell, I wish I had a local that served mead, period!

Nor sure if you have it where you are, but BevMo! has several types of mead available here in Washington. I LOVE the stuff. Next year we are looking at a larger house, and I plan to start brewing my own, once we are there!

haha. I live all the way in Illinois, so the only mead I’ve had the pleasure of drinking was a little sample bottle bought from Ireland by my grandmother who’d just came back from vacation. Quite enjoyed it, honey sweet without quite the heavy taste. Also, question, does mead count as a beer or more like a wine? Or is it a beverage all its own?

Mead is a beverage all its own, although some people feel the need to call it “honey wine”, just as they call sake “rice wine”. Many experts theorize that mead is in fact the original alcoholic beverage.

Aside from finding it commercially, most US states allow adults to home-brew a certain amount every year, just as with beer or wine. The feds don’t get interested until they sell it untaxed.

People in groups like the Society for Creative Anachronism make a point of preserving such skills.

This page is completely awesome.

I’m thinking that guessing (rightly) that Lily was the trickster, Alex just located Dean knowing that Lily would brag to him about her succes.

Am also wondering if this indeed is the beginning of a very… interesting… relationship.

Wait!!! doesn’t Alec have a girlie friend Ursala Beorn?? ?_?

Ursula is currently what the Gargoyles fandom calls “canon-in-training”. She’s been mentioned in a couple of things by Kory Bing, our esteemed author, and Sheana, who created Alec and several other characters, but Ursula has yet to appear in the comic. It may be that she and Alec haven’t met yet at this point in the timeline. She certainly doesn’t live in the LA just now, since Ike just said a few pages ago that he’s never met a bugbear other than Alec and Alec’s dad.

Still, I’m calling Alec/Lily a crack ship at best for now.

But how did he know it was her who did the honey bucket?

Honestly? I don’t think the list of suspects was very long.

That, and she just bragged about doing it – he was probably close enough to overhear, quite likely on purpose, just waiting for confirmation to make sure.

Also, if she’s still wearing the talisman, he might have noticed that she’s off his radar, which makes her even more of a suspect.

Well, if there was an annoying critter making it’s life work to blindside me, and I suddenly can no longer detect them around the same time I get blindsided by a prank I should have been able to see coming, it’d be fairly obvious who did it.

I dont think anybody has realized this yet, but I find it hilarious and quite ironic that Alec is serving her mead, considering its made from honey.

Love the extra scary zoom in detail of Alec’s mouth in panel five lol, and idk if he just took off his sweatshirt and that was the shirt he was wearing under it, but still all covered in honey lolz.

Also, idk if I should feel sorry for the girl or feel like she deserved that one…lol


If I didn’t already have a bit of a fetish for your bugbears (which I did), I definitely do now.

I agree with ChatLunatique. The Drunken Satyr mugs would probably sell well enough to do the occasional limited run. (I’d love to make a glass-bottomed bee mug just like that sometime. I should get back to working with clay; I only wish that clay-deposit field trip in sculpture class hadn’t been canceled.)

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