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I just noticed that Lorne is wearing a “Bun in the Oven” shirt! Too great.

Shame on you, he’s been wearing that since the first time we saw him! *dramatic sigh*

So if Alec constantly, if unintentionally, treats Ike to meals that expensive…does that mean that Alec is entitled to some tail?

….am i the only one who really likes Alec’s human form
i guess i just have a thing for chubby guys with evil grins?

and spiders don’t forget spiders gotta love spiders

Also, in his bugbear form…I guess he’s trying to be all creepy showing off his ginormous teeth, but he always looks like he’s got a big happy grin…and is soft and cuddly like a giant teddy bear. Which is probably not what he is going for.

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