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Reader Question: Monsters

Reader Question: Monsters published on 22 Comments on Reader Question: Monsters

Monsters monsters monsters. Cecaelia, manticores, and hippocampi! All three are monsters for different reasons. Cecaelia are found predominantly off southeast Asia, and most critters outside of Europe don’t have medallions. Manticores were denied medallions ’cause they were considered nasty horrible things that didn’t deserve it. And hippocampi don’t have medallions because they’re not sentient. Soooooo. There you go.

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That Hippocampus needs to be available in plush form. Oh my goodness, so adorable. Mind you, I have no idea how on earth that would work, (stuffed animal building is something of a mystery to me) but my cats would love it.

…I should explain that two of my cats have huge plush toy addictions, and have a large collection. Things with long thin tails and larger bodies are a favorite.

at Dorney park in the little Ferris wheel there is a hippocampus when I was younger I used to refuse to go on unless they let me ride it. and you stole my name. My name is Avalon. my mom liked King Arthur stories. so I thought it was really funny when I first read this and my name came up.

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