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Bugbear Talisman 7: Shenanigans are Afoot

Bugbear Talisman 7: Shenanigans are Afoot published on 28 Comments on Bugbear Talisman 7: Shenanigans are Afoot

Make sure to come to the Kickstarter booth at PAX! I’ll be selling Borogove with the rest of the great Kickstarter-funded games!!!

Also the Exchanges Kickstarter broke $12k today! Only $4,500 left to go!! Let’s keep this momentum going!


We’re gonna get winne-the-pooh style up in here.

Looks like this is taking place right during exchanges, there is the centaur crossing in front of the cafe! It’s like Back to the Future! X3

By the way, I don’t think you can get tubs of honey that big in England normally, but I think it works here because there would probably be creatures who would consider one of those a ‘snack’.

My bet is the talisman DOES work, but that the girl herself is so dim that she sets traps a non-bugbear would see coming!

I can imagine Alec knows about her buying the talisman, but it doesn’t do anything, and he is pretending to not know where she is.

Yeah, almost certainly. Either that or Madam U warned him in advance to set her up for a life lesson or something similar.

Or Alec got together with Madam U with the talisman and a fake rumor. I keep thinking it’s a BugBear Beacon which actually invites the Baba Yagas to teach someone a lesson. (I get the sense that they love to scare people, but do it for their own good. Chasing runaways back home in such a traumatic manner that they stay put until they grow up.)

Oh hey, there’s Rhonda and Iris. (Yes, I have, in fact, stalked this comic so thoroughly that I know the lamia’s name even though she’s yet to do anything in the comic other than snicker a bit at Ike’s discomfort at being bought a drink. I need help.)

Five quid for a plastic bucket?! That’s a bit of a markup, and she could definitely have got it cheaper elsewhere (or just “borrowed” one). Along with the honey (4 x what… 1 kilo? 1.5? 2 kilos?), that’s going to come to some money. Which, along with the half-grand she already dropped on the talisman, indicates some pretty deep pockets. Could she have substituted golden syrup (a much cheaper cane sugar derivative) and saved money for her next escapade? Does she have family money to call on in emergencies? With the possibility of bugbear-pranking counting as an emergency? Or does she just have a facility with other people’s money…

Also, the local grapevine is going to have her marked now. Madame U might well be able to stay snake-lipped about what she sells to whom, but the checkout assistant at the Ceres Food Mart will have spotted the combination of happy, excited Lily, a purchase of more honey than one glaistig could generally use, along with a honey delivery device, and guessed there might be mischief in the making. They might even get on the phone the moment she leaves, warning potential targets.

Okay, the lion has somehow activated an earworm, hubby has the Zelda theme done on violin in his playlist. (Lindsey Sterling.)

Also, the sticker on Alec’s door looks a bit like the talisman. Though if you’re going to distill a bugbear into a roundish design, they’re probably going to look similar even if done by different people.

Mama Gryph clearly doesn’t trust the glastig with a bucket and eight liters of honey (be it for meadmaking or putting over a door), but I guess the market doesn’t have a “Do not allow these customers to buy items that are clearly for pranks” bulletin the way some markets have “Do not allow these customers to buy items that are clearly for making meth” bulletins.

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