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Greetings From Dogpatch 12: Old Ivory

Greetings From Dogpatch 12: Old Ivory published on 17 Comments on Greetings From Dogpatch 12: Old Ivory

Ivory! A lot of people thought he’d be some sort of elephant but NOPE this is ARKANSAS he’s a woodpecker tee hee hee.

Hey, do you like the comics I draw? Do you like stories about monster people? WELL GOSH do I have something EXCITING FOR YOU, THEN.

WEIRD PETS is a collaboration between myself and Sfé Monster (who you might remember as the creator of Anthony, Blanche, Rupert, Royce, Phoenix, a bunch of other characters, and my BEST FRIEND IN THE WORLD). Weird Pets is a story about monster people living in an alternate version of Vancouver, Canada (“alternate” meaning “monster people live here too”). Sfé writes, designs, and lays out the comics and I draw them! There are two previous Weird Pets comics that you can read FOR FREE already, and there’s a BRAND NEW one up that you can buy a PDF of for a mere $5! If you pay anything over $5 you get the comic PLUS 5 swell Weird Pets desktop wallpapers.

Once the funding goal is completely met, we’ll release the comic online FOR FREE, FOREVER, like the other two! I’m really proud of this one and if we make our goal there is another Weird Pets script ready to be drawn! So CLICK HERE to get your copy of WEIRD PETS: WEIRD PETS!


Sorry folks, I’m going to have to say it…

“The first rule of Heaven is we do not talk about Heaven. The second rule of Heaven is we DO NOT TALK about HEAVEN!”

Anyway, I was thinking possibly some sort of pig creature, or possibly a warthog or walrus totem (“Yeah, I met the Beatles…”). But yeah, it could have been anything.

“…The fifth rule of Heaven: one faith at a time, guys.”

Sad Hank makes me want to punch whoever made him frown, the little cutie!

And is Ivory just being a jerk calling Hank “Henry”? Or am I going crazy by thinking his name was Hank in the first place?

MMm. Cats. And a need for extra strength too. You know, I’m getting worried with the concept of a crazy cat lady with mythical/monstrous cats… Over and above the shenanigans of say the Cheshire cat or the Cat that appears in Coraline…

Not just any woodpecker, but an EXTINCT woodpecker!

Technically the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker isn’t yet declared extinct, but with how rarely it’s been seen (and how many of the sightings are unconfirmed) some people think it may as well be. I’m personally hoping it makes a comeback somehow before it’s officially declared, against all odds…

Great comic, Kory! I love Ivory-Bills, glad to see one in the comic. :D

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