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Greetings From Dogpatch 13: The Boys

Greetings From Dogpatch 13: The Boys published on 20 Comments on Greetings From Dogpatch 13: The Boys

New page! I don’t have much to say other than gosh I love drawing Ivory. And Hank. Maybe I should have just made this comic about Ozarkian bird people.

Also I need to talk about Monster Bones again! We’ve decided to start posting each page of the new Weird Pets comic for every $25 donated! The cover and the first two pages are already up for you to read! If you like it and you want to read the rest, a donation of 5 dollars will get you the whole comic! And anything above 5 dollars will get you the comic and 5 desktop wallpapers! The next page is only 15 dollars away! So how about it? Support Monster Bones!


Maybe when the natural species that a spirit animal derives from gets into trouble, so do they. As previous commenters have noted, there have been no confirmed sightings of the ivory-billed woodpecker in the wild for some time, and though it might not be extinct, there is a fair chance that the population is no longer viable. >:=(>

The ivory-billed woodpecker is for all intents and purposes considered extinct.

A fact which makes me especially angry because breeding pairs were rediscovered and then killed several times. You would think people’d have the bleeding sense to leave the only known breeding pair of a species alone, but apparently …

So, Hank is a spirit guide, right? He’s based off a chicadee. Marshal and Ivory are also Spirit Guides based on birds. If we can assume all Spirit Guides’ transforming abilities are generally the same, why doesn’t Hank have arms in addition to his wings? I am assuming it is a midform preference, but wouldn’t it be much more useful to have hands when handling a shotgun?

“… Teachin’ the boys all I know before I’m gone for good.”

“I was under the impression that spirit animals like yourself were immortal.”

Boy, way to answer a question I had about totem animals with a tearjerker, Kory!

“comic about Ozarkian bird people” <– I would totally read this, too.

so why does Hank have wing hands but Ivory have back wings and talon hands?

Silly monster people: Raising conservational awareness since 2013.

I’ve got buttloads of pilliated around my house, but never even knew of the ivory billed woodpecker.

Sadly the Ivory-billed Woodpecker is already considered extinct by most birders — there’s a slim chance there’s a few still living, but even if there is a surviving population it’s almost certainly no longer viable.

That doesn’t mean that bird conservation isn’t extraordinarily important — there are still thousands of definitely-living bird species who are critically endangered and under serious threat of extinction. Most parrots, for example, and many songbirds and waterbirds — even those that might seem locally common — are severely threatened by habitat loss, human invasion, and invasive species (such as housecats. feral and outdoor cats kill millions of North American songbirds yearly, they’re actually a huge problem). has a list of the birds in North America who are federally protected, but that’s by no means an exhaustive list of the species under threat.

This is kinda my Thing, I have a tendency to go off on it, whoops. Birds are important :)

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