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Michelle, have you looked around at all? Would you want to live here?

Hope there’s some magical reason for it being miserable, otherwise the dragons really haven’t done a great job with decorating the place they’ve lived in for several centuries.

I’m still wondering what the hell they actually eat there.

kind of hard to say. The have an agreement with the demons, and demons and dragons seem to be the only things around, and we’ve seen a lot of dragons too. maybe you don’t feel hunger in this plane?

I understand where both of them are coming from. Yeah it’s gloomy, but it is a whole lot safer than the mortal plane. Yet all the same, between potential danger in freedom and safety in a prison, there’s no contest. There’s a difference between a house and a home, where you exist and where you live, where you survive and where you belong.

Just some thought-rambles.

There is a saying–making lemonade out of lemons. It isn’t possible if you spend your life hating what you have, and wishing for something else.

Yes, the mortal realm might be better in some ways. Dis may be better in other, more limited ways. However, any idea that dragons, with all of their power and authority…could not enact change if that was their focus?

Wut. XD No, not that you are saying this. This is where the mind goes, and when it hits THAT idea, it breaks.

If their focus was, “we are miserable and want access to the mortal plane; also, we are mad at sphinxes,” then that’s where the energy, and drive, goes. They’ll always be miserable. They’ll always be bitter.

This isn’t saying Dis is great. It isn’t. It just means they’re wasting energy and focus being more miserable than they need to be.

Dis does not belong to the dragons, they are being allowed to live on the outskirts. The landlord might not approve of redecorating.

They do not own the mortal realm, either, and it is incredibly dangerous to them.

On Dis, they do have enough power that just the one dragon was able to claim a lair, there, and build some form of alliance. With more of them, what might they do when it comes to negotiating? We don’t know, yet, and it’s one of the questions I have.

When “locked out” of a space, it’s easy to focus on the apple, is all I’m sayin’. It could be the Father also, likes this narrative, as it gives him a means and form of control.

It would mean that they could ultimately be stuck because one old leader dragon likes power enough, and/or is angry/bitter enough, to force certain views on his offspring.

I mean it’s a pretty decent swamp? And it’s not like you had to leave some far better place in order to survive or some… Oh…
But, I tgink I’d be happy to live in a cardboard box if my life was in danger in a house a long time ago. Heck, just the ventilation alone! I surely would think “Gee, it’d be swell to live in a house again.”
Yeah… Would be perfectly happy with my trusty ol’ box…

Interesting how Carver is dull except where his body is closest to Michelle, and when he is showing passion in talking about where he belongs. Seems that there may be something about the dulling of his color that indicates a loss of himself.

Dis seems to be a place where you just exist, and your only companions are the shades. It would be different if they had a purpose, or could do something for fun, or see the sights, but really, I can see the problem.

If it’s another generation that doesn’t even know about the mortal plane, then maybe they would not be so gloomy. The fact is, Bloodcarver knows AND has been there. And he sees what they’re missing. A world of life, of fresh air, of friends. He could’ve told the others about it too.

It’s worse when you got kicked out of the nice house to live in the gutter, and told for no valid reason that you must stay out of the nice house (I think the Great War was stupid desperation that solved nothing, so sure, it was a reason, but I’m talking about the Dis generation).

Off topic a bit: Just learned today about a Welsh Christmas tradition called Mari Lwyd, where, get this, somebody shows up at your door dressed in a horse skull and robe (look up the details!)

It’s the spitting image of the Nightmare in this comic! (“The One Eyed Bear”) Wonder if that’s where the author, who knows a LOT about the British Isles, got the image.

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