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Illumination Chapter 3 Page 58

Illumination Chapter 3 Page 58 published on 60 Comments on Illumination Chapter 3 Page 58

And that’s the end of Illumination!

Thank you everybody for reading! Skin Deep will be going on a hiatus for a little while as I work on the next storyline! Please read the post below for more details, and thanks so much for your patience! I hope you enjoyed Illumination!



Or, uh, anyone else for that matter. Not that he’s wont to do that

Last time we met him, Bloodcarver was entirely sympathetic. I’m rooting for him being the first dragon to get a medallion, myself.

same, i mean, she has what? several hundred thousand souls worth of power? she learn a smite spell and she may blow up a city, a dragon probably doesnt hold much candle without some excessive demonic protections which i dont think he is friends with anymore

Kory, Illumination is the first story I have read of yours, and it was absolutely amazing and beautiful.

On October 9th, 2017, Illumination introduced me to your universe and into other webcomics in fact! I love everything about these chapters, and the way you ended this arc was great! We even got a cameo from Mr.Bloodcarver!:3

I love this story, these characters, the art, the world-building, and everything else! Your work is one of the few things that I can admit has warmed my heart and made me smile, and as a proud fan, I can’t wait for more in the future, after you have your hiatus of course.

Thank you, Misses Bing, for making the world a little bit of a better place.

– Cameron

Love the chapter Kory. Also could you make one of the reader questions my comment a few pages back. It’s the one with the song called Make a move although I missed one name change. It was supposed to be Greg not Shrek saying ” um princess.” Also have fun with the hiatus.

Stanley: *swims up alongside Bloodcarver* ♥

Bloodcarver: *!!!* (thinks) Is… she thinking what I think she’s thinking?

Stanley: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ^w^

Bloodcarver: *AWKWARD* (thinks) Just… just stay focussed on the plan. If I ignore her, she’ll go away… won’t she? … °w°


Well, first thing to note is the dragon. Most likely Bloodcarver since same colors and pattern. Maybe he’s here for a peaceful meeting. He at least considered Michelle to be an innocent before (though she had no access to the Sphinx’s power/memories then so that hopefully hasn’t change how he views her).

Second thing, does anyone else remember the secret passage that was being made that leads into the Avalon during Exchanges? Anyone else? Since if the dragon was able to track her down who says that the devils haven’t already? And that the elders do not know about it so they don’t have anyone watching it and that could be the perfect way for devils to sneak in (it’s not really dragon sized). Even with Alec keeping an eye on it he might miss it, since Myra showed that Devils are a bit harder for bugbears to pick up on during Greetings from Dogpatch, something feels off when a devil is around so Alec might not pick up on them. Also there is the Bugbear Talisman from well The Bugbear Talisman that could also be useful in devils sneaking in. So overall I am more concerned about that secret passageway than I am of the dragon.

They don’t even need to enter through the tunnel. All they have to do is climb up the wall and in through the fake roof. We already saw way back in “Orientations” that at least two of them can climb walls.

The place is warded though, as mentioned a while back. so there is more than just physical barriers to Demons or the like getting in. odds are Ravi helped set them up (after all, he did help build the place) so i suspect that these wards would even block demons possessing someone.. though compulsion might still be a weakness there.

I just checked, and this is the longest chapter to date. “Greetings from Dogpatch” comes in second, with 51 pages. “Illumination, chapter 1” is third, with 46 (plus the teaser/cover I mentioned elsewhere).

Just a moderately interesting datum.

That dragon is unnervingly stealthy for his size and coloration, so I wouldn’t be surprised if his wife was a dragon as well or if there were more in general. Makes me wonder just how long he’s been keeping an eye on her since last they met.

Though given that dragons nature, I doubt he’s actually there to cause harm. In the case of ‘just how much weirder can things get’, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was actually there to protect her. Quite likely from the demon bunch. After all, that ‘Father’ figure wouldn’t want anyone else getting a hold of her since I doubt his interest in her has simply vanished. Could be that Bloodcarver convinced him to take a less heavy handed approach than kidnapping. Kidnapping does tend to make people less willing to help you after all… XD

Bloodcarver may have let her go once, but he still seemed to have quite a bit of loyalty to someone behind the scenes. And he seemed convinced he was going to be punished. Sooo, eh….I’m not ready to count him out as a antagonist just yet.

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