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Greetings from Dogpatch 18: You Can’t Hide

Greetings from Dogpatch 18: You Can’t Hide published on 40 Comments on Greetings from Dogpatch 18: You Can’t Hide

I’m back from Emerald City! It was way great, thank you to everyone who stopped by to see me! My next convention is Stumptown, on April 27th-28th! Now that I’m back I’m going to focus on getting these Kickstarter orders shipped out! So if you backed the kickstarter you might be getting your books soon! Hooray!!!

Things are starting to heat up in Greetings from Dogpatch! Gosh, what is happening!?!?


So… Why doesn’t the satyr kick her in the face? I mean, I know he’s probably terrified out of his goaty little pants at the moment, but those legs probably pack a hefty wallop.

Also, LOVE the comic, just finished reading so far :)

Why doesn’t the satyr kick her in the face?

It does, but you have to consider leverage and momentum (or the lack of it). Also, thanks to Myra’s long arms, in panel 4 it doesn’t look like he’d be able to do much more than graze her shoulder, whereas in panel 6, he’s too close to be able to put much force behind a kick due to not having room to build up enough momentum. And because he’s being held in midair, he can’t really put his body weight behind it either.

On top of that, Myra is pissed enough as it is. Kicking her might not be a good idea. ;)

Alright, it’s pretty common in folklore for demons to be able to disguise themselves. Anyone else thinking Obi is really one of the Grim brothers?

Not me. It supposedly wouldn’t even *begin* to work with a bugbear (see Myras ranting during the drive to Dogpatch), and Myra calling him by his full first name (which, BTW, is not one of one of the Grimm brothers) indicates she *has* met him before.

Now that you mention it, you’re right. Maybe she can sense a demon possessing Obi.

Whoa.. really different from what I thought could happen. Very nice twist.

Note: never, EVER make a bugbear angry at you. Alec deals with situations with a more prankster meaning (even if it’s a bit nasty). Myra on the other side… *brrr*

Small note: I saw that Rick’s toes have a reddish tinge on then.. is it the same thing as it appear in the fingers (covered by gloves till now)? If yes, looks like he still has a long time till his arms get all red.

I’ve liked Myra since she saved the gang from the nightmare in the cornfield maze. I’m sure she’s old and wise enough that she didn’t just jump to conclusions. I guess I just like Bugbears too. Love her in the last panel with icy-dripping fear word balloon.

would you say she is changing into a mid/full form because she is super ticked and lost control, or is it more along the lines of she is getting ready to maul Obi?

I second the motion that I would not want a bugbear angry at me.

I’ld say she wants to *appear* like both rolled into one, in order to get some intel out of Obi while he’s still misplaced his wits.

(Gee, that name sounds *so* silly when “OBI” happens to be a large hardware store chain in your country. Good thing that I watched Star Wars *before* becoming of consumer age. :-)

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