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Greetings From Dogpatch 23: Collection

Greetings From Dogpatch 23: Collection published on 43 Comments on Greetings From Dogpatch 23: Collection

The first person to figure out what Gabe said gets the honor of being the first person to figure out what Gabe said.

Edit: Gosh! Ya’ll got the translation really quick! It’s “vooan” which means “truth.”


Several *bleep* hitting the fan:

Dogwood Patch ppl knowing about a sphynx
Gabe getting REALLY angry enough to

And last… no idea what Gabe said in the 1st panel… ^_^;

I’m not sure if Gabe’s scarier in the first panel or the last.

I’ve been spit on, and it’s nasty. But demon-possessed-mythological-creature spit in the face has gotta be just . . . ugh!

Panel 1 – Angel on a mission to find the truth….. Not happy and ready to force the issue

Last Panel – Angel about to deliver every last morsel of Consequence that a Demon deserves in one Smiting!

Both are to be rightfully feared, but one is going to hurt a lot more…..

That’s gotta suck… Can’t hurt people more than they deserve…

I’m pretty sure there is some law out there that says an angel can’t take stuff personally in their dealing out of “judgement”(!?) . :D

Mmmmm…. but as he possessing an innocent while defying the command of an Angel to tell the Truth and on top of that has shown great disrespect he may be up for a pretty decent Smiting…. but if Gabe banishes him before he gets an answer, will Damien consider that a win?

Is refusing to answer the question at all really defying a command to tell the truth? He’s not lying…

I do not think there is a…. what do Yanks call it?… The Fifth?…. that says you can refuse to answer an Angel’s questioning when he has invoked a command for Truth and get away with it by hiding behind ‘weasel’ words.
I suspect that this will not go down well (as if it has gone well so far).
I myself, am keen on an answer as I have been curious as to why Michelle’s father was condemned to his destination….

Upon reading this page, I was impressed by Obi’s facial fur. I thought to myself “my, look at how fluffy his face is. Has his face always been that fluffy?” I went back a couple pages. Indeed, his face has NOT been that fluffy until this point. My theory is that unholy anger leads to face-fluff. We should test this on Greg and Jim to see if Jim’s face-fluff is an extension of his mane or not.

Also… someone’s about to get their soul murdered. Never spit on an angry angel.

Enochian . Man your realy doing some internet or occult book searching. If you have the enochian alphabet and the words. Enochian is the angelic language supposedly the mage John Dee and Edward Kelly were told to by angles when scrying. Johan Dee’s was also supposedlyl the head of Queen Elisabeth I’s spy network. His signature was oo7.

“Darklord’s making collection!” That doesn’t sound like the original trade was made just yesterday.

If I get the timeline correctly, the only one to know several years back that there was a Sphinx soul to be had (short of omniscience) and at liberty to make such a barter was – her own father. The very Michael Jocasta who later turned up as a shade to warn her of bad things to come, and tell her how sorry he is about it all.

Hoooo boy. And you thought that you and uncle Phil were the textbook example for “family issues”.

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