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Illumination 2 Page 13

Illumination 2 Page 13 published on 42 Comments on Illumination 2 Page 13

Michelle is more perceptive than some give her credit!

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Ice cold, Michelle. That was ice cold

Serving Ravi a heaping helping of Truth Tea! But I can imagine being Ravi would be exhausting after a good while. To be fair, with all of this new information being revealed, I am less inclined to believe that Ravi meant any harm ever; he thought the Finns had everything they needed to guard the Egg, and he was really tired and probably homesick. By his logic, everything should have been safe and good and he can rest for a while. Though not immediately checking up on the Finns when he got back was an oversight

The only real defense of him not checking up on the Finns sooner is the fact that his perception of time is probably a bit different. Being as old as he is means that taking as long as 30 years could be seen as ‘fairly soon.’ That said, you’d think it would be all the more reason that the literal moment he had returned he’d have visited them to make sure all was in order.

Ravi saw that Jim had the physical marker of the Finn Family Curse.
Ravi then blithely assumed that everything regarding his The Plan(tm) was going just fine.
Since things LOOKED to be going just fine, there was no OBVIOUS need to go and actually check.

As for why Ravi left, yeah, I think we’d all like to know the answer to that one.

Gotta give Ravi the truth as plainly as possible. He’s a little short on being able to empathize with others unless it’s put right in front of him.

Even then he won’t see the truth, until he trips over it.

Help I’m a little confused about the kickstarter. So if I want a pathtag medallion from the stretch goal, do I select “one bronze medallion” under rewards, or is that just for the sphinx ones?

This looks like Michelle basically whacked Ravi with the combined aggravations and points that we, the fans and readers, have been voicing so far, distilled and skillfully applied to one theoretically powerful and factually out-of-touch being.

Occasionally when I find myself stuck in a mess of my own making, I also have the immediate instinct of blaming the other people involved.
(Assuming my brother would empty the lint trap for example.) I think that now that Ravi is starting to cool down, he’s realizing it’s largely his fault

This is a perfectly normal and very common reaction. Most people — at least for a moment — entertain the idea that something wasn’t their fault, it was somebody else setting them up for failure or the result of something uncontrollable. A mark of maturity is being able to get past this mentality and acknowledge your own mistakes (even though you’ll still always have that knee-jerk ‘who can I blame for this?’ reaction at first, it’s just human nature).

It strikes me that, being a sphinx, Michelle is probably one of the most, if not the most, powerful beings in the Avalon. She wiped out demons without even thinking, and with greater effectiveness even than an angel. She doesn’t know how to make use of it, yet, but Ravi would know what she’s capable of, and I think that makes him more amenable to listening to what she has to say. She does have ONE sphinx power down solid—asking very difficult questions.

She didn’t wipe them out. She merely dispelled them.
In page 20 of chapter 5 of ‘Orientations’, she dispelled 2 of the 3 Grimm Brothers, Damien and Mikhael, back to Dis. Azreal was not dispelled, and Damien and Mikhail had returned by page 29.
In page 45 of ‘Greetings from, Dogpatch’, Gabe only does 2 of the 3, Damien and Azreal, because of Myra being startled by the events of page 42, which allowed Mikhail to escape her grasp on page 43.

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