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Greetings From Dogpatch 22: Grrk!

Greetings From Dogpatch 22: Grrk! published on 35 Comments on Greetings From Dogpatch 22: Grrk!

Golly, this page is recalling a lot of events from the Orientations storyline. It’s almost like they’re connected in some way!

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I think this is the first time I’ve seen Gabe actually do something completely stupid. And the look on his face in the sixth panel. Makes me feel like she really knows she fucked up in saying that.

That dryad! I remember my mom having a t-shirt with something like that, only it included Taz in it, too, and the back of the shirt showed their tails sticking out of the jeans.

Gabe slipping up like that makes me feel like demons and angels are MEANT to follow the paths of traditional tragedy dramas.

Gone is Gabe’s smirk, and his angry face.. that’s scary O_O

Looks like Gabe and Grim Brothers won’t be playing poker for some time…

Only time I remember Gabe not smiling nor joking was back in Orientations, when he and Bloodcarver were talking.. Sure Gabe must have some interesting background yet-to-be-revealed (or not).

Gabe, Eustace and Marshall obviously knew Michelle as the last (known) sphinx. Myra’s bugbear senses must have told her what Michelle is when they met at Halloween. Now that Gabe has blabbed in front of witnesses, everyone in Dogpatch knows. How long will it be until her existence becomes common knowledge within the mythical subculture? How will that affect her life?

I’m guessing, her times are about to become more interesting.

Well, information exchange isn’t the best within the creature community as it is and Dogpatch is an isolated Avalon. Common knowledge in Dogpatch doesn’t equal a wider spread of that knowledge. Consider how many months it took for the Nightmare to be returned.
The comic may currently be in 2005, but it may be better to consider information speeds at an almost medieval pace. Aside from some habitual travelers like Marshall, most creatures spend the bulk of their time close to home and so their knowledge rarely leaves the local sphere. For a creature to use the sort of broadcast mediums that sped up information dissemination as the twentieth century progressed would be to risk exposure of the whole community to the human population. Avalons may become better connected as the twenty-first century goes on, with the internet becoming ever easier to use and on-line creature communities becoming easier to both set-up and hide, but that doesn’t seem to be in place yet. Heck, at this point Facebook was only open to people with a university email address, just to give a reference to the state of social networking in general.
It’s not like Michelle can hide her species anyway. I would the biggest side effect of Michelle’s existence becoming common knowledge would be her being able to skip, “No, apparently sphinxes are not completely extinct. No, I don’t know how it happened. I wish I did,” as part of the typical introduction.

“Classically” angels are rather terrifying and dangerous creatures — there’s a reason why the first words out of their mouths during visitations to mortals are usually, “Be not afraid.” Gabriel here isn’t precisely the same as those entities, of course, but he does call himself an angel, and he’s just said he’s incapable of harming anyone who doesn’t completely deserve it. I’d think there isn’t anything much more deserving of harm than a demon. So… I wonder if we’re about to see if Gabriel can also kill the completely deserving?

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