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Ooooh, crap. Is that an escaping Sphinx?

Don’t think it’s a sphinx…no wings, weird tail. I can’t even connect it to any mythological creature I know, but Kory has a much more comprehensive list of these things than I ever will.

The male sphinxes in SD don’t have wings. The tail could be a weird perspective thing. The back legs look awfully lionish.

But the piebald coloration doesn’t seem right for a sphinx.



Maybe he is Michelle’s dad’s ghost–somehow taking a solid form to escape hell (remember he was captured), but looking a bit different because it isnt his original body. The creature certainly looks like he’s there to run away and hide versus making trouble…

Just an FYI (because I just took a summer semester final and I’m still feeling pedantic), spoilers and speculation are two different things. A spoiler tag might be warranted if you were, say, bringing up something from one of the sketchbooks that many readers haven’t seen, but this is just you guessing. No need for the spoiler tag.

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