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BC, can I call you BC? Because “Bloodcarver” really doesn’t seem to suit you at all. How the heck would you carve a liquid like blood anyway?

How the heck would you carve a liquid like blood anyway?

Just be fast enough. Your piece of art will have a lifetime of a fraction of a second, so make sure you have that and the entire creation process taped with a high-speed cam.

Or have a couple snakes at hand …
(Warning: Graphic: )

Carver, luv… More cloaks. Duh…

Also this strip made me painfully aware how mildly inconsistent the length and width of Bloodcarver’s fingers are…

The art in this comic focuses primarily on atmospheric shading and texture, as opposed to itty gritty details. Fingers can look kinda funny without it, but from what I can tell, Bloodcarver’s hands are somewhere between a paw and lizard claws.
Claws can look much wider at some angles than other because of the layer of tough skin that gets abrased by ground contact.
And with most mammals, paws are actually much longer than we see, but they’re kinda curled over to better provide shock absorption and bounce when walking.

BC’s hands would be somewhere inbetween the function of both, but also be able to fully gesticulate like a human hand, meaning it probably looks pretty different when serving different functions. Here, he is stationary and is using them just as hands, so they’re going to be fully stretched out and appear narrow.

Its the kind of thing that never really looks right in fantasy unless you change it a ton for each scene. Buckbeak’s wingspan in the Harry Potter movies was shrunk significantly when folded, for example. The wings looked too big when true to his flying state.

Yeah, it’s about time he said something. This back-and-forth stuff has been going on a while. Surprised it took him 4 levels of HEL to get to this point. I’d have been yelling back at getting rained on in Level 2.

I’m not surprised. He’s gone way beyond the ‘This is what my life has become…’ stage.

Everything prior to this has been an unavoidable situation due to the particulars of the circle they were in.

This is one where there’s a definitive action that must be taken. “Get from point A to point B without being seen.” And he has issues with the method, as it doesn’t explain how someone his size can pass.

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