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Greetings from Dogpatch 45: Dang

Greetings from Dogpatch 45: Dang published on 41 Comments on Greetings from Dogpatch 45: Dang

Hey this bit looks a little familiar! I think I saw something like this happen in a previous Skin Deep story.

I’m updating the comic from DISNEYLAND. Well okay I’m in my hotel room but whatever close enough. The Store Sale is still going until THURSDAY when I get back to Portland, so if you want a cheap book or deck of cards, get in on that action NOW.

I will ALSO be at Rose City Comic Con this weekend!
I’ll be at table A10 in the Artist Alley with the always-wonderful Sfé Monster, so if you’re in Portland this weekend you should STOP ON BY. :)


So, why didn’t Gabe do that in the first place? Sometimes the “biggest sledgehammer first” strategy is the best one!

Ze may be a badass, but ze also has some very beautiful wings! (Question[s] for the next Q&A: How heavy are they? Are they uncomfortable, or is ze just so used to them that ze doesn’t give them a second thought anymore? Do they have any protective qualities/abilities?)

Panel 2 is an incredibly neat visual with the demons’ bones glowing through their skins.

I’m also glad that this fight is over. Watching an action scene unfold at the rate of a page a week for three months was starting to feel dragged out. It all plays really well as a one-sitting read-through though.

Is Myra’s one eyedness only in human form? In the maize I thought that she had it as a bugbear there too, but it could have been part of the costume.

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