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Greetings From Dogpatch 44: Oops

Greetings From Dogpatch 44: Oops published on 55 Comments on Greetings From Dogpatch 44: Oops

I’m going to Disneyland this week! With my best friend Sfé Monster! HOORAY. Don’t worry about the comic, though, I have WORKED REALLY HARD and there will be NO INTERRUPTION in the update schedule between now, Disneyland, and on through Rose City Comicon! I did good! I did real good!

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Well, it seems the only thing that can be said is…. eep. Looks like, oh darn I’ve forgotten his name – the red one – has the right idea.

Mikhail. And while he got the right idea, he *might* be lacking in *speed* … :-S

Plus I’m not entirely sure he’s immune to having his head blown off by a shotgun blast the second he leaves the cave.

I think Gabe’s more than a little annoyed…

And those teeth! That’s something you don’t generally see on an angel. Is Gabe going to turn into a bugbear? Are angels and bugbears related? (Those bugbear powers have to come from somewhere!) And would Gabe really need to declaim in biblical language with an aspect (and dentition) like that?!

Gabe: IT’S SHE-BEAR-ROBBED-OF-HER-CUBS TIME, FOOLS!! (ref: Proverbs 17:12)

Can’t argue with that! Enjoy the fruits of your folly, boys! >:=)>

On a worrying note, he could be turning into a fallen angel….

I don’t think so. Biblical angels can be way weirder and more terrifying than that, and I don’t see how Gabe is breaking any of God’s rules. Admittedly, God’s rules (in many versions of the stories about Abrahamic God) ARE kind of arbitrary and the punishments for breaking them disproportionate regardless of circumstance.

Or, it could be taken that as noted many times, Angels and Demons are in actuality not all the different, the gist being one is up, the other is down, and neither are fun to piss off. His Enochian translates as “Fury” or “Extreme justice,” and I’m just going to lay it down that with that kind of scowl in panel 3, there is gonna be a massive unloading of ass kicking on the Grimm Brothers, or at least 2 of them. Mikhail seems to be making for the other side of the universe at “OH SHIT, SON” speed.

How about “for GREAT JUSTICE”? >:=)>

Damien: Someone set us up the bomb…

Azreal: Yeah, someone. Better make our time…

Mikhail (receding into distance): Screw that! Makin’ traaacks!!! Move ZIIIIIG!!

Hank (in distance): *boom* *boom* Shouldda zagged, boy… All your kneecaps are belong to us…

Quick note — Gabriel isn’t a “he”. They clearly don’t subscribe to binary gender, and while they don’t seem to care in-comic, in the real world it’s extraordinarily rude to refer to a nonbinary person with gendered pronouns (or to call them an “it”, don’t do that either).

Either way, don’t assign them a gender they don’t have.

Gabriel is different than humans in that sense. As he clearly doesn’t care which you call her. As for non-binary people, that’s something ya work out with them. A friend I literally call my little sister goes by whatever pronoun people want, but prefers “it” in written communication.

Also, “Xe” and so on are ever so slightly unwieldy in normal speech.

TLDR; GABRIELLE SMASH GENDER DIVISIONS! With a fabulous coat and perfect hair.

Just remember that, in the bible, pretty much every time angels showed up, the first thing they would say is (paraphrasing) “Don’t be scared. I promise we’re the good guys.”

What about the first born sons in Egypt or when people got turned in to pliers of salt?

BAHAHAHAHA! “pliers” of salt!! Sometimes misspellings are hilarious!! :D

(It’s ‘pillars’)

Well, looks like Mikhail is the only one of the Grimms who has a sense of self preservation! (Mind you, I reckon Myra will pop up in front of him any moment now)

Seriously, Damien, after you put Gabe in there surely you must realise that hanging around is not going to bode well???

Also I am sorry to say that seeing Gabe just made me think “Death awaits you with huge nasty teeth!”

it’s “big, nasty pointy teeth”. Really now, if you’re going to quote Monty Python do it right

See, this is the real reason Eustace got left outside holding the coat, it’s going to be the only clean bit of clothing Gabe will have left.

on a separate note, Kory has done a spectacular job with making Gabe look more disheveled and intense as things progressed from strip 29 to here.

My personal theory: Gabe gets ugly when angry. don’t make Gabe angry.

Red-head is starting to realize that he celebrated a bit early. Fuzzy Face is as deadpan as every, either not caring or slow on the uptake. Mikal, on the other hand, has read the signs and is running for the hills. One mischievous she-bear was enough, thank you! Though I don’t think he’ll make much far enough before Gabe goes biblical on their collective asses… It can be safely said the the working truce they once had? It’s a burning bridge now…

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