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Greetings from Dogpatch 46: C’mon Myra

Greetings from Dogpatch 46: C’mon Myra published on 21 Comments on Greetings from Dogpatch 46: C’mon Myra

I’m updating the comic early because I CAN. Thanks everyone who came out to Rose City!

Also today is Sfé Monster’s birthday so how about y’all go read Kyle and Atticus if you haven’t already? Just a suggestion. Go do it.


How in the hell do you get away from a Bugbear?!

Step One: Distract her with a spectacular cosmic act of destruction. Or maybe chocolate-covered caramels.

I’m not going to point out Gabe’s typo. You point out Gabe’s typo.

Oh you mean, “Go get what you dropped, idiot!”? Sorry to give it away. XD

I don’t believe that was a type.
“Go get that ‘idiot’ you dropped”, I am fairly certain, is correct. In that, Gabe is calling the demon the idiot, and blaming Myra for dropping him. It makes sense to me.

Awesome! And after all that power display, Gabe looks really drained, and shaken (very evident on 3rd and 4th pannels). Hellmouth is pretty dead, too

Mikhail got away, probably getting (later) a shotfull of salt from Hank in the process.

Not even trying to look for typos, not being English-speaking native..

Last but not least – on 3rd pannel Gabe’s shirt on his/her right side is weird

So Myra locks her bugbear sense onto Mikhail and jumps into his path of flight.

Mikhail: *SHRIEK!* *whump* ohMyrathanktheabyssitsyou! You’regonnabeatmeuprealbadarncha, butnotlikewhatGabedid -sob- thescreams -gasp- great abyss, the aether screamed… don’t make me go back there…

Myra: …Ya know, I’ve always wanted to take that stupid gilding off your horns, and I’m sure Old Ivory’s got a suitable belt sander…

Mikhail: G-great idea… or take ’em right off with a disk cutter… just so long as you’re finished before that… *whimper* comes out… c’n you carry me? M’legs’ve stopped working…

Or maybe he’s made of slightly sterner stuff than that. I don’t know. >:=)>

Well, we see that to jam bugbear radar you first need a Class A distraction….. pity that only jams it for just so long…. and from Gabe’s face it seems like there is a definite price to pay for that level of awesome….

OK folks…. you can point out Gabe’s typo and I’ll ignore Myra’s…. cause at this moment I ain’t gonna put myself in a ticked bugbear’s path…. ;-)

A little used (but quite handy) gift of demons is their fear triggered adrenaline glands. Scare them enough, and they can outrun light.
Now, the question is can he outrun a bugbear?

“you can’t hide from a bugbear”… unless said demon possess someone (making it more difficult) or he gets something like that bugbear amulet from Kory’s sidestory

And now Myra is back to (her usual grumpy) business.

Now or later, Mikhail is in deep trouble >:D

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