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Greetings From Dogpatch 7: Halt!

Greetings From Dogpatch 7: Halt! published on 54 Comments on Greetings From Dogpatch 7: Halt!

Hey look, it’s a new character! Golly I wonder what this person is all about.

I’m back from my trip to Missouri, so tomorrow all outstanding store orders will be getting mailed out! Yay! Sorry to everybody who is waiting for stuff from the store!


Bigfoot figure is creeping me out…

Gabe’s current thought processes probably amount to: “… seriously?” Either because their ‘crazy hill folk’ point just got proven or that appears nonthreatening. Or both.

Just the right height for blowing off kneecaps. >:=)> And it looks like he’s keeping his trigger finger in the right place, outside the trigger guard. Yay for proper firearm safety! I do wonder, though, whether even a minigun or RPG would make any impression at all on a celestial. Apart from damaging its symbol-decorated overcoat. Which might be a baaad mistake.

I… I didn’t realise how small that particular character was going to be. I’m a bit shocked.

have you seen a blackcapped chickadee? they are TINY. But holy hells are they LOUD to boot. Used to hear them all the time in spring, Chick-chick-chicka-dee-dee-dee-dee was their call, or somewhere of that nature.

Sorry, I’m from Oz, and have never been to that continent. But plenty of the others in this story are human sized when in midform, so I guess I just extrapolated without giving it enough thought.

Heh. Sort of like a black and white Bellbird. Cool.

oh, and just for giggles, I found this other vid of a raven antagonizing a full grown bald eagle, cuz I found the size differential quite cool. That and its a RAVEN screwing with an EAGLE in a way that would make Marshall proud.

thought it could stand to explain why Marshall in half form makes Jim look small.

Hank. Hank you are a bird. Why do you have a shotgun? The kick will shatter your hollow arm/wing bones.

Considering how often this little guy’s been showing up in your sketches I was wondering when you were going to use him.


Um, say. Did Hank just slip *literally* under Myras radar? ;-P

She probably just didn’t mention he was there :P

Another fun fact about Dogpatch is that the current owner was nearly decapitated in 2005 by a cable trap that had been strung between two trees. The court deeded the property to him in 2011 as compensation for his injuries.

‘The black-capped chickadee with a shotgun, truly nature’s deadliest creature’

(Alt txt^) I about busted out laughing when I saw that last panel, lol. And loved the way his fox tail bushed out at the mention of Bigfoot, lol

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