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I’ve just started reading this comic and I think it’s great! Only, it’s starting to become hard to read with all the bi-erasure, mostly in the comments.
I mean, yeah sure, people can have a fluid sexuality, and can be heteroflexible, but why the “half gay”? It’s rude and is used to erase bisexuals all the time. Why must bisexual-looking characters always be labeled as “complicated” or half this or that? Urgh, and I was really starting to love this comic :(

This hurts me, but I’ll see if I can continue reading this.

I’m sorry about that! This particular page went online about 6 years ago and I would like to believe I’ve gotten a lot better at writing since then. There are a lot of embarrassing things about this particular arc that I’m not super proud of, and that joke (and all the jokes lobbed at Blanche) is one of them. I hope you continue reading! Thank you!

Also to clear up any confusion on my part: Jim is most definitely 100% bisexual.

“Jim is most definitely 100% bisexual” <3

To be fair, Anthony and Blanche's banter at the beginning was probably typical of teenage boy at the time (and in many cases likely still is). If anything, Anthony seems surprisingly accepting of Blanche's perceived sexuality. As for Jon and Paul, well, they're jerks. I tend to consider the source with comments like these, and realize they likely don't reflect the attitude of the writer.

They can also be a reminder of some frustratingly common attitudes in real life, though. That kind of thing can be more of a sore spot and more common than most people realize, like how you don't realize just how many "trap" jokes there are on TV until you're binge watching shows with a trans woman.

@just a thought:

Don’t get your knickers in a knot. It doesn’t solve anything, and it makes you walk funny.

You know what I find rude? I’m bisexual. I’ve never been called “half gay”. I have, however, been called a SLUT, by gay people, just because I swing both ways.

“Bi-erasure” is done by both gay AND straight people. It’s not worth being upset over.

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