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Illumination Page 15: Thumbs

Illumination Page 15: Thumbs published on 91 Comments on Illumination Page 15: Thumbs

Colin finally got thumbs!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by VanCAF and said hi! It was a great weekend! If you pledged to my Kickstarter, those orders will start going out THIS WEEK! I don’t know how long it’ll take to get all of them out, but y’all should be getting your books soon! Thanks for your patience!


Convenient finger/talon censoring is very hand!


That awkward moment when you realize that he’s always been naked, it’s just that now he’s got no fur/feathers.

… Wait, how did his medallion jump from being on the table before to being around his neck after? o_O

Blue hair! Called it!

and brown brows. strange.

werent jim’s green like his hair?

Maybe “the Curse” comes in stages or degrees, like piebaldism in cats. That ranges from a few white hairs on the chest through white toes and a “tuxedo” pattern to all white except a forehead patch.

In addition to their differently-colored eyebrows in full form and human form (and presumably midform), Jim has green ear fringe and elbow tufts except in human form. He also has green sideburns, but one of the Q&As told us that, if he added a beard to his human disguise, it would match his body fur instead of his mane.

Of course, it’s hard to draw conclusions from such a small sample.

And yes, Colin’s wavy locks would seem to foreshadow a floofy mane in years to come.

Cats have both Irish and Piebald, like dogs. Irish is the same white seen in collies, piebald is the pattern associated with more white over the body than Irish. (Generally it includes a colored skullcap, patch at the base of tail, and random patches elsewhere.)

I wonder how long it will take Colin to develop proper coordination.

he is faster learning to be on 2 legs than michelles was on 4

I had a dog that would walk on two legs. So I guess I could see him practicing before the change

There is also the detail that he is much younger than Michelle was at the age of transformation and has had less time to develop habitual postures. Youth is infinitely more resilient and adaptable to physical challenges.
Also he grew up expecting the change and is embracing it freely. Michelle was caught entirely off guard and then went through a period of denial and rejection of her new form. Even at this point in time she shows resentment of her alternate body ie. feeling like a ‘pet dog’ for jumping onto a piece of furniture rather than sitting down on in in ‘normal human’ fashion.

Hmm….just wondering. Colin’s eyebrows are a normal color. But Jim’s eyebrows are green, same as his hair.

Anyone wonder why?

Probably the same reason why only his tail was blue this entire time.


Or TWO CURSES – the blue curse gets overridden by the brown caterpillar eyebrows curse! >:=)>

My eyebrows and hair were mismatched until my 20s; they’ve gradually gotten closer. Had blonde hair and dark brown eyebrows; now my hair is light brown. It’s odd that it’s not closer, though, like a different shade of blue. That’s definitely more rare.

My guess is that “odd” colors like that blue aren’t that uncommon, and he’s only got the tail tuft (which seems like it’s closer in type to top-of-head-on-humans hair than to fur). It’s not a curse, just an odd color.

Got distracted whilst typing and didn’t finish my thought… whoops.

The eyebrows of his human form are a nearly perfect match for his eyebrows and ear tips in his gryphon form. Matches up there as well, since those are different types of hair (just by the way they grow).

Featherless creature. He would be featherless. God I sound so pretentious right now, this entire comment is pointless.

“Put on some clothes you furless creature!”
I can’t tell if she’s joking or if she’s actually scolding him for not having clothes after his first transformation. Either way, I love it! XD

I’m sorry to say I spent most of the week worrying it was going to be a dud.

There’s a relief.

Why would Colin catch a chill I thought it was all glamour… mostly.

(*cue a panel of Greg, Michelle, and Merial all looking minorly traumatized from having to face the fact that no, medallions do not, in fact, automatically provide clothes to cover nekked human bodies*)

an interpretation is that it store existing ones.
Mérial, pichelle and greg were first human and had clophes when they got it
Jim added somes after getting his (probably)
Colin doesnt have any, his medallion wont create somes.

Corrolary : there is no ‘real form’ vs ‘glamour’. Both are part real (natural apperance, real clophes) and magic (dimensionnal storing, human illusion + dimension shaenigan)

So what happen at death, when the medallion is removed (do clophes reappear )?
or when a medallion is destroyed ?
(crack : the lost clophes are consumed as energy to renforce the medallion, this explains why old ones are more powerfull)

It was directly stated in an earlier comic that clothes worn in human form are ‘stored’ by the medallion. So yes, if there are no clothes stored by a medallion suitable to the mythic creature, then that mythic creature will be a nekkid human, till he puts on some clothes.

I imagine that the medallion may also hide tailored clothes. Like Jim’s shorts and pants, which have been modified to support wings and a tail, will look like normal shirts and pants when he’s fully human.

It probably takes a bit of practice and discipline to control the medallion’s magic enough to hide tailored clothes, just as it takes extra focus and practice to maintain a mid-form than it does a full human form.

Wonder if Michelle could use her super sphyinx healing powers to heal James’ wings and tail…. more accidental fraky stuff to point evidence that the universe is not so subtly mocking her.

Might give Mary an excuse to throw an all scale wonderland inspired party – we know she wants too.

Probably not. She can heal things, but not been demonstrated as being able to regenerate them. There is a difference. James’ wings and tail can’t be healed because, in effect, they already are; the skin and flesh has grown over the stumps, blood is circulating without bleeding and free from infection. THey’ve been healed a long time.

Recreating his wings and tail would be a much greater feat of magic, than simply accelerating and fueling an otherwise natural healing process.

Does anyone remember the Muppet Babies theme song? ‘Cos we have Mary’s Babies here, and:

Tobias: *concentrates on game* ♪I have my computer…♪
Paul: *exhales* ♪I smoke up the air!♪
Jim: *strums* ♪I play the bass geetar.♪
Colin: ♪And I have blue hair!!♪

And yes, you would think that, after three such initiations, Mary would have things in hand. Maybe her kids have constantly wrong-footed her…

Paul: *-ooosh* *looks at hands* *looks down* Clothes, please!

Jim: *-ooosh* *jumps for joy* *lands in heap* *leaps to feet again, dodges around Mary and proffered garments* Yaaaay!!! *charges off around house*

Tobias: *-ooosh* *checks out hands with widening smile* Great! Now I can try out that Nintendo at long last! *absentmindedly lets Mary help him into his clothes as he practice-mimes button presses*


I notice that different medallion users have differently-colored fwooshes. (Not to be confused with the kawoosh of an activating stargate.) In roughly the order they’ve been shown so far, they are:

Lorne (in flashback): pale bluish green
Jimothy: light green
Michelle: very pale bluish white
Blanche: pure white (naturally)
Elise: off-white
Royce: grayish white (?)
Myra: orange
Colin: pale grayish blue

Here I was hoping we’d get to see the reactions to naked humanform Colin rampaging through the streets of the Avalon. Maybe they’d blame it on his Wonderlander blood?

Remember, they’re not in the Avalon. The designation was “Merseyside”; somewhere in or near greater Liverpool, but not in the Avalon. That’s why they spoke of going *to* the Avalon the next day. Unless they have a tunnel or some such to their town house in the L.A., they’ll have to go through town and past Django or whoever is guarding the warehouse entrance.

That also means Colin would be streaking in front of neighbors who presumably know nothing of the cryptids in their midst. It’d be best if he stays inside.

I can just imagine off panel Greg and Michelle both have their hands over their eyes thinking “I must have, logically, known he wasn’t going to be wearing clothes. Why am I surprised then?” Merial, meanwhile, is just trying not to laugh.

I’m kind of surprised that it isn’t common practice to put a robe or something on the kid right before, both for the physical comfort of the kid who will be furless for the first time in their lives, and for the physiological comfort of the witnesses who aren’t used to seeing human-form nudity in public settings.

Well, I think the more novel thing is having a whole new body. It would almost not be registered as something that needs to be covered to preserve modesty. In Colin’s mind, his real body is probably the four-legged one. It’s also probably more common to the regular magical creatures to see this sort of thing abd to the magical being themselves… Well, they’re pretty much always naked so they’re probably comfortable enough like that even if it is a little cooler. Those who aren’t used to it are probably a minority at these parties and probably just have to stop being so square. :P

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