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Greetings From Dogpatch 10: Catching Up

Greetings From Dogpatch 10: Catching Up published on 23 Comments on Greetings From Dogpatch 10: Catching Up

This page recalls events that happened in Orientations and One-Eyed Bear! I realized while drawing this page that I was talking about comics I drew like five years ago, so maybe some of y’all needed a recap! Marshall and Eustace sure did, at least.


Something I’ve been wondering- how old are Eustace and Marshall (in appearance at least, since they’re probably way older than they look). When I first saw them in their midforms, I thought that they were both middle aged, but now they look like much younger men, maybe middle to late twenties (then again, I’m terrible at judging ages anyway).

Why is this the first time I’ve noticed Gabe is walking barefoot?

-cringes- Can’t even stand the thought of walking around outside without shoes. Makes me think my feet are going to get shredded on the pavement or whatever I happen to tread on.

Eh, the main issue is actually if the ground’s wet or icy. It gets kinda nippy. If you walk around barefoot you don’t generally get cut much unless you’re walking over a bunch of broken glass or tacks or sommat (also snakes and certain parasites, in some parts of the world). The skin’s pretty thick on feet, especially if you walk on ’em a lot.

Anderson’s right. I’ve been walking barefoot any time and any where I could get away with it, since I was a child. (We have a gravel driveway, to boot.)

My calluses have calluses… heat, cold, and rough pavement don’t bother me unless it’s also wet, from rain or whatever. Then the water softens the skin and that gravel driveway suddenly starts to be a little painful. And I’m just a mere human, not an angel. ;)

I think it’s neat that Gabe appears to have three sets of wings.

…Does seem like it’d be a bit difficult to actually fly with all three pairs at once, though. Maybe they have different functions.

ahem i want am update plz i have been waiting for things to make some sense also when will we see the girl sphinx again ? i also want to see the guy with upside down hand, you know the guy who is friends with the white stag guy not to be rude for i love your work but can you stop swhiching to new characters i like the old ones just fine thank you very much

The only new character here that’s been on for more than two frames and has a speaking role is Hank. These are all good ol’ characters from the Orientations/One Eyed Bear cast.

Plus we just saw Michelle and her gang in the chapters before The Bug Bear Talisman and this one in Homecoming and Nixie Spit. Exchanges also lasted more than long enough to be able to go without that cast for a while. It’s these guys we haven’t seen since Orientations and the one-eyed bear nearly two years ago.

Patience. Skin deep has never been fast paced. While I am curious why Mrs. Bing is late on this week’s update I am sure she has a busy life and would not just up and leave the comic to die. She’ll update when she gets the time.

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