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He’d be a lot more comfortable knowing he’ll turn into a Roc, Garuda, Quetzl or Firebird, but, oh no, not that most fearsome of monsters — a girl!

Just… How does she know what image she is pointing to in this book, since she’s blind ?

She’s only blind with her main eyes, remember? The snakes can still see, and she sees through them…albeit not as well as she would with humanoid eyes.

So I stumbled on this webcomic on April 1st, 2010. Thank goodness I came back after that (I’ve followed it since then). Not every comic does April fools, and Skin Deep hasn’t done it for a while anyway, but wherever that page is now, know that it was very confusing for me.
I put this note on this page because I believe it was either this page or the next it replaced. (and was later replaced by.)

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