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Your, uh, canines are a bit large there Michelle.

Jim is just too big for the door. :P

“Let me make some tea” is universally code for “I’m about to go out of visible range and do something malicious, probably compelled by the story’s antagonist(s), which will hinder the protagonist’s efforts at best and put them in mortal danger at worst, in a heartbreaking manner that in no way makes the protagnoist sympathetic to my plight or resolved in their duties.”

Brace yourselves. The Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal approaches.

Or the Mysterious Kitchen Kidnapping Leaving Only a Small Puddle of Tea Behind. Or maybe we can defy the tropes and Michelle can get some freakin answers for once, hahaha!

I think they’re in the kitchen-type-space right now – that looks like a jug kettle, a mug and a pair of oven gloves/pot holders with that kitchen-type sideboard/worktop and wall cupboard there. And if this story is working properly in English mode, there probably isn’t anything sinister at all tied up in this – it’s still a common English (and Indian) social convention to offer tea to any guests or gatherings at ones dwelling, and still common in fiction for nothing untoward to happen in the process. It’s even true if you’re working in Anglo-Australian-French psychedelic mode (YouTube link to Gong’s Outer Temple). So, fingers crossed, everything’s going to be all right!

It’s a kitchen wall unit.
No idea just how old that one is. Considering Ravi and his style, it might well be a 1950s or older one.
They were regularly bought for kitchens to add extra benchtop workspace and cupboard storage. They’ve fallen out of favour quite markedly in the past 10 to 15 years.

That’s it, there is no getting away from it. Ravi is a victim of the Unyielding Positive Attitude curse. That is when you are compelled to react optimistically in all situations, even when it i not justified. “Zombie Apocalypse? Let us invite the new neighbors in for tea!”

Hmmmm… Ravi doesn’t seem to have a medallion… But, if he’s lived long enough to remember Michelle’s ancestors, he’s definitely not an ordinary human. Probably a shapeshifting monster like bugganes and somesuch?

Also, still incredibly adorable. It’s like he’s trying so hard not to do a Perfect Strangers-style Dance of Joy.


Answers, maybe.
More questions, likely.
Whether she can give any coherent description of the Vision, will be interesting.

Which vision would that be? The cryptic warning from her father’s shade, in Fiddler’s Cave, or the psychedelic glimpse of — something — in the tomb?

The Vision she got in the tomb.

Whilst she doesn’t understand what the shade of her father was talking about, what she was told, was told to her in plain English. She is starting with this stuff.

The Vision she got in the tomb, was all visual, and so far she has only told Jim some of what she thinks she saw might have been.

I have no idea why this is, and it makes absolutely no sense (not even to me), but Ravi’s voice in my head has a German accent. O_o
This adorable, excited little man has an equally adorable German accent in my brain.

Am I bonkers? I think I’m bonkers. Why is my brain doing this? It doesn’t make any sense.

Somebody please tell me what accent he’s supposed to have so I can tell my brain to stop giving him an accent that makes no sense! D:

I am very sorry to bring this to you, but…
Yes, you’re bonkers!

Ravi simply _MUST_ be speaking Engrish! The words are English, but intonation, pronunciation etc. is all Indian.
I work with a bunch of Indian engineers – sweet and lovely people – but it can drive anybody daft to understand what they say. That fit with Jim only understanding every third word…

German accent, no, no, no. For that we need a mad scientist in a blood-splattered lab coat, with an outrageous hairdo, heavy-duty rubber gloves and welding glasses…

It’s why I described what I thought his accent as being, Hank Azaria playing Apu on The Simpsons.

As for your German Mad Scientist look, NEIN!
That look is so badly outdated it’s not funny.
In the mid noughties it would be an OCD neat-freak economist-bureaucrat, wearing a Business Suit that looks more like a Military Uniform. It’d be the sort of person pre-planning the execution of the GFC for their OWN benefit.

I feel Ravi is holdin back how much he wants to fangirl over the fact that the Sphinx girl he’s waited so long for is FINALLY HERE. I mean, I can feel he’s holding back, I guess out of common decency? It would be weird for a man you just met to suddenly be hugging you while squealing in delight

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