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Hello, Goodbye 22: This is Starting To Look Familiar

Hello, Goodbye 22: This is Starting To Look Familiar published on 28 Comments on Hello, Goodbye 22: This is Starting To Look Familiar

Hey do you remember that critter from almost three years ago? Webcomics time is a strange thing!

I hope all my buddies in the States enjoyed their Independence Day! I am full of bratwurst AS ANY AMERICAN SHOULD BE.


Stanley girl?

Perhaps she was named before accurate determination of her sex could be made – like the cat called Ben Hur: “Well, we named her Ben, but then she had kittens.” Or perhaps she was named after her father, like Anne Rice was (she was born Howard Allen O’Brien, and later married Stanley Rice – well, there you go!). >:=)> I suppose she could have been named after Stanley Matthews, the legendary England football player, or after Henry Morton “Doctor Livingstone, I presume?” Stanley.

…technically it’s about 2 and a half years. But that’s still pretty mind boggling. I’ve been following this comic for a long time, it seems. xD

Aww, poor Lorne. He needs to stop being all melodramatic. It’s turning the whole of the Avalon melancholy. And I shall assume ol’ Jim will come running after him to make sure he’s alright. c:

What kind of creature is Stanley girl? I immediately assumed lochness, but with you I never know. :’D

Loch means lake, Ness is the name of the loch… so technically the Loch Ness monster is the monster that lives in Loch Ness, not the name of the type of cryptid. Although through time and the noteriety spreading among those that don’t speak Gaelic, it’s come to be an identifyer. There are other giant Lake Monsters similar to the one in Loch Ness in other lakes around the world, though.

And thus the we come full circle. The next page is probably going to be similar to the first page of ‘Handshakes’ with Jim and Lorne sitting by the water together.

Please start using ‘Glargle’ more often. It is pretty much the best comic soundifier word-thing there is.

What’s that called? When you write in the comic the sound something is making?

I know the feeling of weird time gaps. As a roleplayer on a forum-based site, it happens quite a lot (recently it took 1 year to get through about a day)

As for the comic, I can’t believe that I’ve been following this for that long! I absolutely love this comic and can’t wait to see where it goes next (and who won the fight).

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