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Hello, Goodbye 23: Jack Won the Bet

Hello, Goodbye 23: Jack Won the Bet published on 13 Comments on Hello, Goodbye 23: Jack Won the Bet

My mother and father were visiting for the weekend and I was POSITIVE that I wasn’t going to get this comic done in time. But I did! Because I am awesome! Woo!

Anyway, now you know who won the bar bet. Whups I guess the winner wasn’t as important as me drawing Lorne being mopey! I’m sorry!!!


Time for goodbye snuggles… *rubs hands together evilly*

…what? That’s not going to happen? Only depressing one-arm hugs? I reject your reality, comic!

Runedeath: Does it REALLY take a lot of Elder Scrolls for you to start seeing catfolk as normal? It’s kind of my default setting

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