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Hello Goodbye 21: Where Are You Going, Lorne

Hello Goodbye 21: Where Are You Going, Lorne published on 21 Comments on Hello Goodbye 21: Where Are You Going, Lorne

It seems like I never have a lot to say about pages that don’t have much dialog! Just enjoy the scenery, I suppose!

Also, you may be aware of the fact that I play Team Fortress 2. Did you know there’s a Steam Group full of Webcomics people and readers? There is! It’s called the Boneyard and if you want to play with your murder dollies with the people who bring you such fine comics such as Templar, AZ and Deadwinter (and also me!) you should drop by!


Whaaaaat early comic update
No wait Lorne your best friend wants to say goodbye to you, I mean come on geez seriously
I’m just going to imagine Jim is just shouting “JACK! ROYCE! JACK! ROYCE!” while everyone else watches the fight silently.

Poor Lorne? If Lorne or Jim were a girl we’d be yelling “Stalker!” all over the comments. Lorne needs to get over himself. He and Jim are no longer a couple, period. He no longer has the right to go around placing expectations on Jim. Just no. And Leah is a rat for using created guilt to bend Jim to her purposes.

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