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Only two more pages? Wow. I hope that in those two pages we’ll find out what the heck Anthony actually is, and that he stops freaking about everything. I also have a feeling that you won’t want to dump this massive cast of people after so long of making up stories for them all, so I reckon we’ll see at least some of them again now that you’re doing more with Michelle (Jim doesn’t count).

Kory, I think I should remark (before the end of this chapter) that since I started reading SD back in 2010, I have come to hold your work in very high esteem. This is really very well done.

Also, I don’t want to leave Liverpool.

I can no longer bare the thought of returning to Michelle’s world back in… the square states. It will be like leaving behind Oz in full technicolor to return to… Kansas.

I need to know how Tim’s cultural exchange nightclub thing unfolds. I need to know how long Anthony is going to be able to pull off not going home. Or to school. I need to know how Isaac’s meeting with Rohnda ends. I mean… Does she eat him? Because her smile is horrifying. I think it could go either way.

Please don’t keep us away long.

Looked up “John Lennon’s Car” to see what the hoopla was over the tats. Gotta say I think the paint job on the Rolls was pretty ugly, but his Mercedes I really like!

BUT – OMG a cassette tape? Really? I haven’t even seen those things in YEARS!

And alt-text. Ummm, where do you find that because I have never seen it, and feel I am missing something important.

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