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Homecoming 4: Big College Girl

Homecoming 4: Big College Girl published on 46 Comments on Homecoming 4: Big College Girl

Hey, it’s Michelle’s mom! She looks a little different than she did in the first two pages of Skin Deep five whole years ago. I made that design up on the fly all those years ago and I never liked it very much, so I’ve tweaked her design a little for this story.

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I’d kind of been hoping mom knew something (and the earlier more ‘hippy’ mom made me think she might be ‘in on it’ even if she wasn’t one- married into it and all) but now she looks like she’s going to be the type that when Michell spills it she’s going to blink a few times and say “Honey I thought I taught you better than to get involved with drugs…”
And where did her backup go? He all but shoves her onto the porch and through the door, where’d he vanish off to?


Pssh, wings and paws? They’re nothing!

Now, her tail and crazy-long neck on the other hand…

Predictions for the next few comics

Janice (Michelle’s mom)jumping the gun (several times) and assuming..

she’s coming out of the closet

she’s pregnant

that Greg is her boyfriend

she’s quitting college

that Greg is her gay friend

she’s changing courses

she’s changing her religion

“…and to your ears… though people don’t stick with just a pair of earrings now, I suppose.”

– “Mom, I’ve got something to tell you.”

– “(sigh) You’ve got a tattoo, haven’t you? I was just the same. Tell me it was something small and discreet, like my-

– “I haven’t got a tattoo, Mom.”

– “Okay… so what did you get pierced? Aside from the ears.”

– “Mom, listen to me, I’m-”

– “At least it’s not one of those godawful lip rings-”

– “MOM! I’m a mythological winged cat thing!!! Dad was one too! He gave me this! (waves medallion)”

– “Oh. We’d hoped… (deep sigh) So you didn’t get any body piercings, then.”

– “No!”

– “Shame. Your heirloom jewellery will give you some real protection now that you’ve turned, but you’ll need a trip to the piercing shop before you can wear them…”

You know, it occurs to me that Michelle’s mom needs to be warned about demon attacks. They already tried to attack Michelle through her friends at Halloween. We don’t know if they have some “don’t reveal yourselves to normals” demon code, but if they don’t…

Predictions for the next few comics

Michelle’s mum continually jumping the gun and assuming..

She’s pregnant

She’s dropping out

That Greg is her boyfriend

that she’s coming out of the closet

That Greg is her gay friend

that She’s changing courses

and so on

After reading your comments how you didn’t like how you drew the mother in the first couple comics, I went back and looked. Not only is the mother better, but you can sure see the effect of years of practice drawing, and working into your style. Gone from clumsy and sketchy looking to well drawn and finish work. Great job!

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