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Love Gregg’s smile. Methinks he may have a crush. :)

Smooth Greg. Smooth like a smoothie.

Yeah! Mom is thinking the P word right about now about now. Way to go Greg, You have given her an opener, I hope she takes it. Poor Michelle, is she gonna bite the bullet and tell mom? Is she going to make something up? Come on, Michelle, Screw your courage to the sticking point and tell mom all! I know you have it in you, you are so much like one of my former students. I know you got the guts for it, you just have not shown them yet! Mom will either understand or faint!

I think mom’s gunna faint X3


Well it could go something like this:

Mom I am going to tell you 3 things, one of them is not true!
1. I am pregnant.
2. Greg has goat horns under that cap of his.
3. This Medallion thingy is magic that can turn me into a winged lion.

Enter Greg.

Mom jumps up and yanks the cap off of Greg’s head
Mom turns to Michelle and says:
I am so relieved you are not pregnant!

Michelle nearly faints.

Hugs all around.

Pfft. Greg, you are such a jerk. Set the stage for Michelle to reveal the big secret, and then abandon her when she needs her friend’s support the most.

That is one fat orange cat you’ve got there Missus Jocasta.

Which cat do you mean? The cat thats on the floor or the large untransformed cat?

Oh no! There is no more tea! I will need to make another pot and wait for it to cool. XD This may be one of my favorite comics so far. Also, does anyone read Subnormality? Michelle’s mother reminds me a bit of one of the recurring characters there (except nicer).


This will go one of 3 ways.

1) She spills. All. And her mom either freaks out/faint, or already knows.
2) She tells her mom the “secret” is that she and greg are going out–que the awkward “we have to prove to her that we’re dating” bit.
3) or, She tells her mom all–AND HER MOM IS SECRETLY NOT HER MOM. Like, someone has taken her shape–and is posing as her mom. And now they have to go save her.


Greg should be a scriptwriter, that dialogue is so dynamic!

And the facial expressions are, once again, stellar. No, strike that. Legendary. :D

And is it just different viewpoints, or do Michelle’s ears move a bit with her facial expressions?

That really is one faaaaaaaat cat.

My real life cat is fatter..sadly, i think he has arthritis in his legs and he does not move very much. I only ever see him go to the food bowl/water bowl and the litter box. No matter what diet i tried to put him on, he tried to fast himself to death last time (no, seriously, he would not eat anything and i had to take him to the vet to get tube fed).

To be fair to Michelle, she doesn’t have a good reason to think this will go well. Greg’s extended family thinks he’s possessed, and Merial’s parents took the news so badly that it gave her father health problems!

You’ve hit it on the head right there….. Michelle has no reason to think this will end in anything but tears and heartache…… you can only hide from the truth for so long…… but you can limit the ‘amount’ of truth you use to keep disaster at bay….. judging that limit is the hard thing, too little or too much can lead to a debacle….

Oooh, actually wondering if the kitty will react badly to Michelle’s sphynxiness.

Why would it? Sphinx and cats are both a creation of Bast, the Egyptian Cat Goddess (I know Michelle is Grecian, I’m just making a point). If anything, the cat would love her MORE cause they are the same.

On that note, if the cat was there when Michelle was, it shouldn’t react any differently then before. Remember, animals notice things that humans don’t…like ghosts.

Hi, I just want to say great job on the comic. I got sent here by Doc Nickel’s “The Whiteboard”, and, after reading the first couple pages, I had to marathon the whole thing. Now I’m hooked. I gotta say my favorite is Nixie Spit, just because the look on Merial’s face when it works is priceless. I, like many others before, like the fact that it’s set in Missouri. I’m a PhD student at Mizzou, and it’s cool to have content that hits close to where you live.

you have done something that very few writers manage to do, trying or no, because instead of making a story, you made a world. To put it in different words, the world doesn’t revolve around the main characters. Had they never been born(sure it wouldn’t be as much of a comic) it would continue on pretty much the same. (I’m rambling, I know) but you get the point. To top it off your characters are just flawed enough(in both personality and picture) that they don’t look like perfectionistic freaks of nature (which tends to happen when favorites are chosen, I’m an offender, I guess because I’m always trying to make my pictures perfect, especially if I like who I’m drawing)

Oh Gawd, I hope nobody read all that, because it just wasted 2 days of your life with my opinion and useless observation.

I swear I can hear Greg’s thought process in the third and forth panels here. It’s something like, “Michelle mentions in her letters to her mom. Her mom likes me, so Michelle must say good things about me. OMG I have a chance with Michelle!”

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