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So, is there a no doing magic close tot he egg type thing because of side effects? I’m interested to hear this explanation.

No magic being used that close, I could understand.
But why no manual carvings over the centuries, considering what has been done elsewhere in the cave system?

Just wait – the room itself will make the Sistine Chapel look like a hovel.

Well, I suppose misdirection is a good tactic for hiding something…

That was my first thought as well, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if there’s a nearby grandiose tunnel near this one’s entrance that trips some sort of old alarm or something.

The medieval designers would likely ask, why bother with an alarm, when a tunnel to an abyss is so much simpler?

Or, at least an oubliette; you just have to remember to check it occasionally. (That’s a joke, if you know that the root meaning of oubliette is “forget”.)

I wonder if the Beatles ever visited…

John: I am here, as you are here, it’s cramped in here, and we are here together,
See how it runs, like breech of a gun, it’s not well high,
And winding.

Stooping through a cornflake, *touches sandstone wall*
Wanting for the end to come,
Claustrophobic feeling, stupid bloody tunnel,
Man, it’s been a nasty jaunt,
This place is far too long.

Ah, there’s the Egg Room,
We’re at the Egg Room,
Feel like a *grunt* walrus-
*long series of intermittent grunts as he straightens his back*

James: *eyeroll* I told you it weren’t gonna be easy to get to.

Ringo: Oh, he’s always complaining…

Paul: So this is it?

George: Wow!

John: Hang on, let me write some of that down…


I’m suddenly wondering about ventilation, seeing as you don’t want to be running out of good air down in a tunnel/cave system.

Magic. Just, magic

But magic itself has rules! I am maybe possibly a little smidge of claustrophobic. And these panels make me faintly nervous. I NEED TO KNOW WHERE THEIR AIR IS COMING FROM!! D:

It looks alright to me. Generally speaking, diffusion and natural air currents keep the air viable even in deep or extensive cave systems, and the air resident in the cave will be sufficient for the needs of a reasonably-sized party that are just visiting. Of course, if there are large numbers, especially engaged in strenuous activity or lighting fires, and/or the party is going to be there permanently, and/or the passage(s) in are restricted or flooded (although flowing water usually brings in dissolved oxygen, and will dissolve and carry out carbon dioxide) there can indeed be problems. Not to mention the possibility of various nasty gases seeping out of the rock, or the presence of anaerobic biota. Usually, though, the air in a cave like that will be fine, and three people (assuming Ravi is actually respiring aerobically) should have no problem breathing, whatever physical activity they get up to.

I suspect it NOT being grand AT ALL is rather the point. If I had something that I built a temple or facility to protect, I’d build a gigantic, grand vault with marble, granite and gold inlay, with a gigantic door… And then lock the item in question in a small janitor’s closet with a reinforced titanium/osmium door on the other side of the building.

It’s kind of like I told a conspiracy theorist: If there ever WERE any alien corpses, would you keep them some place as conspicuous as Area 51 (Groom Lake)? Area 51 would be a smoke screen… that’s where they’d WANT you to believe the aliens were, when in fact, they’d probably be in a generic-looking warehouse in the middle of an industrial park somewhere.

It’s all about misdirection, so the would-be thieves (or in this case, conspiracy theorists) look in the most obvious location, and ignore the secret entrance hidden in the janitor’s closet.

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