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Yeah I can see the family resemblance


Phineas, don’t you have ANY idea how too far EARLY it is in the morning?

Time to invent a watch?

In medieval Europe, cathedrals & monasteries typically used such things as sand glasses, hour candles and water clocks to keep time for their liturgical (prayer) schedules. From that reference, they would ring bells, announcing the time to the town and countryside.

I don’t remember all the names from my reading, but the eight liturgical bells were at dawn (Prime), mid-morning, noon, mid-afternoon, dusk (Vespers), mid-evening (Compline), midnight (Matens), and wee hours (Laud). For a long time, that was all the precision most people needed.

Looks like exasperated pouting is a species trait for Sphinxes.

Whilst we do not know the whole backstory, even on Patreon, this much is obvious:
Phineas is over eager and over excited, and is wearing thin the patience of Jocasta and Wosret, as it is abundantly clear that this behaviour is routine for him, to the point where they regard him as an annoyance.

Is Ravi being portrayed as a raven here?

I still hold to my theory that he’s a mynah. They’re native to India, and they can TALK.

I don’t know if you saw it Kory, or any other fans who read the comments section has seen it, but apparently Jim was seen at a party at Halloween, over on the webcomic The Whiteboard… which is also not the first time a character, or a character as a costume idea, has slipped into that particular webcomic, XD

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