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Illumination 2 page 14

Illumination 2 page 14 published on 39 Comments on Illumination 2 page 14

I’m back from Gen Con! Thanks for everyone who came out, I met a bunch of you and it was great!! I’m very tired now!

There’s 8 days left in the Medallion Kickstarter! We just broke 8k! Wow! I wonder if we can hit 10k before the end!


“…in ways that beings without centuries of experience simply cannot.”

Still a bit of superiority shining through, there. But he’s *trying* to make amends, so good for him.

Eh, he may have tacked on a bit about his own experience and power but the core point remains true throughout, “i was wrong and I’m sorry.”

By saying he has learned to recognize these connections, he was not saying that his preconceptions are valid but that he had somewhat more of a reason than it might seem for jumping to them. The bit you quoted is actually an admission of failing on his part, as he states it as the reason for why he seemed adamant about the way the Finns must have screwed up. He has seen all of the ways they reacted before most likely, and assumed it to be ignorance excusing their actions.

Ravi’s apology might not be pretty but I feel it’s completely genuine, and I imagine for someone as old as him it’s quite hard to give.

This doesn’t really sound like an apology. More like “I’m sorry you were offended by what I said” than “I’m sorry I said it at all”, but I suppose this is the best that can be hoped for?

To me, what Ravi says in the last two panels of this page has no feel of apology at all.
It feels more like a ‘covering my arse’ statement, than any actual attempt at an apology.

I wonder if we’ll get to see the actual apology from Ravi next page?

Yeah, it doesn’t look like Ravi has a whole lot of practice at apologies, can’t say I’m surprised. I think this is going to be one of those, “I’m sorry but this is why it isn’t really my fault.” Sort of things.

On the other hand James has raised children, so I am sure he’s heard this song and dance before. Hopefully he knows that even if they can’t admit fault the apologizer can try to do better in the future. I am also bearing in mind that James does not look pissed off at the end of the last chapter, so they do manage to patch things up.

Okay credit where it’s due, at least Ravi is making an attempt at owning up to his screwup. Whether or not Ravi truly means what he is saying or even really understands the idea of being held accountable for your actions is another matter for debate.

Ravi is getting some redemption! And he may be rusty at apologizing, I give him an A+ for effort! The sincerity is simply dripping in this page! One of my favorites so far in this chapter!

Thank you!

I see a lot of people still expressing vitriol over Ravi by saying it sounds like he’s making a really half-hearted apology, or making up excuses/covering his butt, and I guess with the dialogue it might kind of seem that way (although it doesn’t read like that to me, personally). But this is a comic, and it seems like these comments are ignoring the other major part of this equation: the *art*.

Look at Ravi’s body language and expression. He’s not making eye contact with James because he’s ashamed (his pose in the last panel is a pretty typical ‘shameful admission’ pose, too). His words might come across as a little abrasive, but he’s clearly recognized his own wrongdoing in this conversation and is working on admitting it verbally, which is pretty hard for a *lot* of people in the real world to do.

OK. So, no surprise, heroine is sole voice of reason.
She has spoken to the more reasonable party.
Once someone stopped screaming at him and talked to him, he has recognized his role in the Finns utter failure of their oath.
Now. Will the currently contemptible Finns show the same maturity and admit that they maybe could have *talked* instead of tempertantruming their perfect innocence?

You know maybe it’s the sci-fiction reader in me, but I think we’re being a little harsh on Ravi, especially since he may not realize he’s looks like a grand tool, after all he isn’t human and apparently older then the concept of the written language not to mention form the conversation with Michelle he either experiences time differently then us or possibly function’s like a quantum computer and runs through all variables at once.

A bit like the Doctor I think.

Never mind whatever Ravi says and does… but… My God! James Finn looks… formidable! A _massive_presence_, radiating power and menace…
And he’s angry, but well behaved and in full control of himself! What will he look like if he goes over the edge?
There is no question that this is a warrior.

Of all the characters, maybe excluding Gabe, James Finn is the most truly frightening of them all. Perhaps the contrast from his usual, mild-mannered behaviour to his true self is what does it.

Well played, ms. Bing. Well played.

I think that’s as good as we’ll get out if him.

I’m hoping not.
I’m hoping that we’ll see the proper apology, next page.

In the comments on this page, Lynx-Eye wondered if this was just the preamble to the apology.
My own thoughts on the last two panels of the current page are that this has all the feel of a ‘covering my arse’ statement, and that the actual apology will be next page.

I really hope we get to see the actual apology next page.

On a different subject entirely, I just noticed the reflective highlights on the tunnel surfaces. I don’t know the geology of the Merseyside; might those shiny spots be something as commonplace as mica or agate, or maybe something more…metallic?

Glad I got to see you at the con! I sent the postcard you gave me to my friend in DC, but managed to remember the name anyway and now I’m all caught up with the story!
I’ll be here lurkin’ like a bugbear, once a week for basically forever. Thank you so much for introducing me to your comic!

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