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Oh my gosh. No wonder him and Ravi get along so well.

No. They had not actually MET until chapter 1 of Illumination. They had encountered one another in previous years, but Jim could not cope with Ravi’s atttitude in Ravi’s assumption that The Plan(tm) was proceeding so well. So Jim merely endured Ravi’s actions, never wanting to know WHY.

I think Ravi now sees the lackadaisical attitude he encountered in Phineas, being replicated in Jim, hence the outburst in chapter 2 in the caverns.
In the Finn Family Histories, and in the LA in general, Phineas has attained a near mythical status for greatness due to events in The Great War. But the real Phineas, who Ravi knew personally, had feet of clay.

Jesus Christ, he’s not even trying to disguise himself! How in the hell did this putz live long enough to have children?

I think Phineas assumes that no-one else would be up and about in public a mere hour after sunrise.

He exhibits a great affinity for our specie’s culture and leisurely pastimes. There is also funny to get things drunk, regardless of specie. You don’t kill the funny bird man who underestimates alcohol, you give him the crash course. He’s willing to pay, which is better than a lynch crew that won’t.

will we ever get back to anthony?

In a more ‘webcomic time’ perspective, the last major arc was all about Blanche and Anthony; by the way the chapters cycle, it’ll be a little bit before we return focus to them.

But Anthony’s story isn’t done, so I don’t doubt it will happen. Just not for a bit.

The last major story arc wasn’t only about Blanche and Anthony. Don’t forget the other events of the same day as Reunion.
Kill Them With Kindness, which focussed on Rhonda, Ike, and Ike’s immediate relatives.

The story arc of KTWK and Reunion took from late 2013 to late 2014 to tell.

I don’t know what you’re trying to say.

My *point* was that the last arc posted was about Blanche and Anthony. Just by pattern, because we were very recently (in terms of reading through the comic, and my apologies, ‘webcomic time’ was the wrong phrase) been with them, we likely aren’t going to be with them again for a little while yet.

The story arc consisted of 2 stories, Chaos. KTWK, and Reunion.
They both happen on the same day in the LA. We saw some of the cast of KTWK heading towards where we think Lynn and Horace’s apartment is, in the opening frame of Reunion.
The most recent completed story, not story arc, is Reunion.

Let me rephrase; I don’t know *why* you’re making this point. All I’m saying is we just saw a story about them so we’ll probably see a few other stories about other characters before we return to them. I was agreeing with your response in different phrasing and I’m baffled about why you’re splitting hairs the semantics.

(Or why you’re calling that a ‘story arc’, together, because it’s not. KTWK and Reunion occur on the same day, in the same vicinity, but the two are events are completely unrelated except that Ike &c walk by Blanche’s door and make a cute transition. They’re separate scenes and contained stories, not, together, a ‘story arc’.)

Phineas the Red (back when he was still just Phineas the Fluffy) becomes the ur-example of using fake ID to purchase alcohol. Many would agree with his expressed stance on this. Now, maybe Jocasta will use her sphinx powers to get back at him for calling so early…

Jocasta: *healing light-blast thing*

Phineas: AAH! Wha… you’ve… I’m SOBER?!? ;v; Jocasta, your mean-spiritedness truly defies belief!

Jocasta: Serves you right, you ebullient nuisance! If I hadn’t been woken this morning by another nightmare vision, you’d have in severe danger of disturbing my beauty sleep!

Wosret: *chuckle* Good work, dear. Did you manage to leave behind the incipient hangover when you took away the drunk?

Jocasta: *sigh* *headshake* I can’t manage such precision so early in the day…

Phineas: *shakes head slowly* And there I had believed we were friends… wait- *glances to his right* are you sober too, little friend?

Avian companion: *nod*

Phineas: (laments) Not even the innocent are spared your cruel vengeance! ;v;


There is something hilariously maddening about that jovial expression…

Thumbs are nice. It must have been hard for mythicals to build even a basic technical civilization before amulets and half-forms. Only those people whose natural form included hands could do a lot of useful work, and must have been in a lot of demand.

I am most emphatically NOT a morning person, but Phineas is just so chipper, I… don’t know if I want to hug him, or clock him one with an oversized coffee mug.

Phineas got no sleep after being overexcited from his first night to a pub. It’ll catch up with him later in the day. Sadly for poor, tired, Wosret, at present Phineas is STILL hyper.
Coffee, as we know it, won’t exist for about another 500 years, relative to this page.
I wonder, does Wosret or Jocasta, know of a knock someone unconscious spell? Would be a nice neat and easy way to… attend…. to the nuisance of Phineas.

Not only is coffee out of reach, but tea (and all other camellias) is still in Asia, and yerba maté is still just an obscure South American holly. All similar substances I know of are from other parts of the world. How did Europeans ever achieve sapience without caffeine?

I can’t help but be reminded of the Game Grumps Zognoid bit when I read Phineus’ lines.

“I’ll have one HUMAN beer! Like a HUMAN would drink!”

So…looks like Ravi’s disparaging comments about Phineas kinda had teeth…

They say never to meet your heroes. The mists of time have made Phineas into a larger than life hero to the Finns. Can’t be easy to learn he was actually an oversized hyperactive five year old.

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