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Cloaks do need to be a thing again. Especially with the big hoods to keep feathered friends in.

I actually have a cloak!!! Its midnight blue velvet!

I have 3, a navy blue one with a nice deep hood (it’s waterproof! courtesy of scotch guard), a simple yet kinda fancy one that’s teal with gold trim on a non-functional hood, and a red crushed faux velvet with a fur collar. The red one also has slits for arms. The big problem with that one is it’s made out of upholstery fabric, and is very itchy. I keep thinking I should re-make it with something less…. stiff. And rough.

I’m guessing that raven is called Muninn, the way Phineas regularly forgets stuff – it looks like it’s reminding him what he came to do in that frame.

I’ve just been assuming that the bird is Ravi.

That would have to be a nifty disguise, since concept sketches indicated Ravi’s not even a mammal. . . .

Bird is not mammal.

*Googles * Um of course, silly me. Though the art I remember wasn’t avian, and would have really bugged you.

Still waiting for that Harpy answer. Jocasta is Greek by origin, assuming Sphinx live at least as long as Gryphons do. She must know about them and I’m now wondering by Wosret’s answer here if she allied Harpies with the Fury version of them which Krory has said are malicious.

And of course the dragons, but that’s big plot stuff clearly.

If I ever had a mid-form, it would look like that: haunchy legs and paw-like hands. But I’d be a Eurasian badger.

HOW DID I NOT SEE THAT RAVEN ON HIS SHOULDER THE WHOLE TIME! i go back and see it was there the whole time… i must of been out of it. or it was sphinx magic or something. Ehh not sure but still. Phineas is absolutely adorable to me. i don’t know why i can’t stand Ravi but love Phineas.. maybe for the same reason i love Colin. so much energy.. naive but so easily excitable. dorable fluffy gryphs!~

So far, the bird has yet to make a sound.
So we can’t yet be certain if it is Ravi.

The answer to your question is that you need a certain amount of coffee in you to do the coffee-deprived murder.

Also, you have to have a caffeine addiction to want to do coffee-deprived murder in the first place. All you addicts are the same. If you’ve never been exposed to it, you’re not as murderous in the mornings. Me and my siblings are good test subjects in that respect: Some of us started, some didn’t. You can tell which, by looking at whether we are morning people all these years later.

Even when I was a kid, before I discovered soda and coffee, I was never a morning person. These days I haul myself out of bed with much less grumbling and I’m actually pretty alert… it’s a few hours later that I actually need the caffeine, once my ‘I’m up!!’ adrenaline wears off.

I don’t think he’s completely got a grasp on his midform yet. XD

If his medallion is as new as he’s implying, even this slight degree of midform is something of an accomplishment. He can likely be expected to manage a wider range with more practice.

His is also among the first medallions. I’d say that if all you want is to stand on your hind legs and thumbs, then this midform is pretty darn good!

Anyway, even Wosret here is basically just standing on his hind legs and wearing proper clothes. Maybe the typical midform we see elsewhere in the comic is a more modern thing.

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