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Illumination 2 page 30

Illumination 2 page 30 published on 52 Comments on Illumination 2 page 30

Skin Deep is 10 years old today!! The first page was published November 23rd 2006, I can’t believe it’s been 10 years! Wow! Thank you all for reading and supporting!

I’m running a deal on my store right now, if you spend over $10 then you get a free gryphon sticker sheet with your order! Also my PDF store is donating 100% of its proceeds to the ACLU until the end of the year! There are two new PDFs over there, check it out!

Thanks y’all!!


Yeah! Stick it to the man, Jocasta! I’m really happy she knows the problem and decides to solve it herself.

Happy Phineas is cutest Phineas, and also his little bird friend.

To be honest, I think what’s upcoming is Michelle’s gonna drop in on them, thanks to some time magic shiznits, and then is where she learns how to do medallion magics. And also total infodump

… I don’t know how I feel about this. On the one hand I understand why Jocasta wants to stick it to the man and help someone out. But on the other hand I agree with Worset that the rules are there for a reason and picking and choosing when to follow them is a very slippery slope to walk on.
Also where the hell are they?

Unfortunately the rules seem to be based as much on prejudice as on actual behavior. As was pointed out in the comments in the previous page, there’s always going to be some exception to the rule for good or ill. However, rather than going by individual merit, they seem to be doing a ‘the whole species is untrustworthy’ thing. It’s fairly obvious why this attitude would piss people off, especially when their friends and family are being killed by humans.

England. They are in England.

You sure they’re in England? It seems a bit inaccurate to call England desolate. Also what are the odds of 2 Greeks and possibly an Indian living in England in what I believe to be the 14th century?

They are somewhere in the British Isles.
Kory made that clear in her response to my guesses about where they were, on page 25, on Patreon.

I appreciate the response but I can’t view the Patreon page cause I’m not a patron. Would that I could be.

OK. Quotes time

From the way they describe themselves as being on an island and being unable to easily get reasonably accurate news from the mainland, I’m guessing here, that they are on the Isle Of Man, due to its proximity to Liverpool. Though with how Wosret says “up to this forsaken island” it could mean they moved to the Orkney Islands. It’s interesting how Wosret dismisses some of the reports from the Far East, which would have come from travellers on the Silk Road.

He’s talking about all of the British Isles in comparison to the rest of Europe.

Remember that Greece and Egypt are both in the Mediterranean basin. (And, Mediterranean means “center of the world”.) Anywhere in the British Isles, from the Isle of Wight to the Shetland Islands, is far from the cozy Mediterranean climate. As well, medieval England is culturally far away. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that they refer to “this desolate island”.

I suppose part of it is specism and the other part is (like i mention earlier) is that since the mediallions can apparently be passed on to other people (not necessarily even in the same family) the issue of medallions for more dangerous species that, theoretically, would be made and given to members of said species based on merit of character and trustworthiness is that they could easily be stolen, leaving the original recipiant SOL and someone who is obviously much more unpredictable and dangerous running around and causing a scene

We already know some of how such a scenario would apply.

A Medallion, when it has a user can only be used by that particular user.

The only way, described so far in the stories and RQs, a Medallion can gain a new user, is when the current user WILLINGLY gives up their Medallion. A Medallion, forcibly withdrawn from use by an individual, form locks that individual, likely in their full form (the discussion between Lorne, Jim, Paul, and Jon out front of Greensleeves in chapter 1 of Exchanges). So I do not think that stealing a Medallion would allow the thief, fence, or purchaser from the fence, the use of a stolen Medallion that already has a current user.

What has NOT been covered so far, is what happens to a Medallion where the user has died and has not willingly given up use of their Medallion before death.

I think you’re overlooking the fact that the crime of theft can be compounded by the crime of murder, thus freeing up the medallion to be used by someone else. That way, a medallion given to a “good” monster can end up in the hands of a “bad” monster.
That may have been a factor in the sphinx elders’ decision.

I wonder, what was Phineas planning with that coin die?

Giving it to them to work on the medallion for his Nemian friend?

HAPPY 10TH Kory! Congratulations! You work so hard at this beautiful story with your immense talent, and I admire you so much for it. Thank you for doing what you do with such devotion.

Wosret in panel 5 is so good. You are so good. Have a very happy anniversary day!

1) Congrats Kory!!
2) I had some debates with my fiancée (who also follows Skin Deep) about why all this fuzz around the medallions.. seems some of the pieces are finally falling in place.
The last pieces are related to the demons who are chasing for Michelle.. don’ know if it’ll be explained soon.

It was hinted at that the demons’ leader, Darklord, is making a collection and the Sphinx was promised to them for the collection. We don’t know what exactly they are collecting though and why they’re collecting it.

Not quite.
Darklord is ‘making collection’ not ‘making a collection”
So who is Darklord making collection for?

interesting to note but jocastas eyes are perpetually glowing at all times, and wosrets seem to have glowing very slightly on this page (or am i imagining that?)

I wonder what the reason behind that is, especially since the only time Michelles eyes glow is whenever she is doing magic stuff. Does Jocastas glowy eyes indicate a complete mastery over her abilities as opposed to michelle? Who barely has even a slight idea how her powers work?

Michelle’s eyes are also always glowing. If you read One Eyed Bear you can see Michelle’s eyes glow a bit, even when human. What I think is that the eyes are always glowing, but the sphinx can control how bright the glow is

Yeah Weirdo.
In chapter 5 of Orientations her eyes are also similarly glowing in the whole scene set in Fiddlers Cave. They don’t ramp up to full brightness though till she Dispels the Grim Brothers back to Dis(pg 19 and 20)

Michelle’s eyes, so far, only really start glowing when there’s serious Magic actually working for her.
Her Turning in Orientations(ch 1 pg 13), healing Jim in Orientations(ch 3 pg 15), detecting the Grim Brothers(ch 2 pg 25), Dispelling the Grim Brothers in Orientations(ch 5 pg 19 and 20), the Visions in Illumination (ch 1 pg 4 and 5, ch2 pg 22 to current).

Homecoming page 11, and Illumination chapter 1 pages 5 and 6 show her in full form and eyes not glowing when her Sphinx Magic is not working for her.

I do however, think that her eyes will be more noticeably glowing all the time in full form and midform, following the events in this chapter, and the last frame of the last page of chapter 1 of Illumination.

Also I just noticed he was called Phineas the RED yet his mane is a normal brown, I guess this means it was before he met Ravi?

General assumption is the raven is Ravi. The two of them were very good friends even before the stuff with the Phoenix Egg went down, which is why Ravi trusted him (goofy as he is) with the elemental gifts.

So I’m sure it’s post-Ravi but pre-fire magic.

Oh, Phineas’ expression is so cute. :D

I just love that happy look on his face.

And might that raven on his shoulder be Ravi?
We know he is some form of shapeshifter/trickster, so it makes sense to me.


That’s the general guess, yeah.

Everyone has looked at the bird shown in chapter 1, and the bird shown now, and assumed
1. that Ravi is the bird
2. that Ravi used the name Ravi back then.

But WAS Ravi using the name Ravi back then?

Orientations chapters 1 and 5
The Shade of Michael somehow KNOWS he is a Sphinx and can shift forms, and when speaking with the mind of the unconscious Michelle in chapter 5 of Orientations, speaks of people he could NOT have known of. Wosret, Jocasta, and Ravi.

Illumination chapter 1 page 33
Jim to Ravi:
“Hmm. You’d think someone that important would have been mentioned once or twice in our family history.”
“There’s never been evidence of some human-looking guy palin’ around with the progenitor of the largest family of gryphons in the country”

But what names are mentioned in the Finn Family Histories as being associated with Phineas, before he became Phineas the Red?
To me, that first sentence of Jim’s indicates that there’s no-one named Ravi in the Finn Family Histories.

That is the happiest gryph in all of creation.

Also, happy anniversary!

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