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New theory: Ravi is directly responsible for the Finn curses. The endearment he shows Jim is a combination of pride in his work and because Jim represents a continuation of whatever purpose the curses originally fulfilled.

I doubt we’ve seen the full effects of the magic Jim was born with. Just like Jim’s height took him by surprise when he turned 16, other elements of the magic may come to light unexpectedly over time. Also, the effects we’ve seen so far are weirdly benign for something called a ‘curse,’ save perhaps for the fact these those currently affected by them are so involuntarily.

It may be that, perhaps in Phineas the Red’s time, the spells served a specific purpose, and Ravi did the actual casting. The spells continuing down the bloodline may or may not have been intentional, but if the theory is correct, Ravi is obviously thrilled to see them resurface. (/theory)

Considering The War With The Dragons, and how Phineas helped in the War, such a spell to give a gryphon an edge in combat, would have been useful.
So why a gryphon and not a sphinx? I’m thinking, how much more raw magic sphinxes have in comparison to gryphons, and how such magic tends to interact and react poorly, on a really good day.

Ravi is SO FREAKING CUTE. Somewhat alarming, sure, but still cute. Also, I like his shop– the Tibetan peace flags are a great touch, and I’d give quite a lot to be able to go through those books that Bhadraksh is shelving.

I don’t think he’s going for the ‘identical to ancient girlfriend’ thing; I wonder if he was a retainer for some ancient queen, or maybe simply a friend. He seems to be speaking of the original Jocasta with something approaching reverence, not romantic love.

Michelle looks like she was expecting the solution to all of her super weird problems not to be weird. xD
It’s also interesting that she doesn’t look more psyched when it seems like some answers are finally coming.

If Michelle is a direct descendant of the original Jocasta from Thebes, then that WOULD make her Royalty.

If they ARE related to the original Jocasta it suggests Oedipus may have well driven a distant cousin to suicide, and that the prophecy of his fathering monsters may be a tad more literal than we suppose. Also Michelle might be a descendant of Ismene.

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