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Illumination 22: This is Why

Illumination 22: This is Why published on 52 Comments on Illumination 22: This is Why

Ravi is one of my characters that’s older than Skin Deep by quite a few years, but he went through a major design overhaul just recently, so it’s like he’s a brand new old character! Whaaaat? Who is this guy. What’s his deal. Why does Jim not like him????


Is Ravi human??

Considering the fact that you can count the humans in this comic on one hand, it is pretty safe to say that he’s probably not human.

Would the fact that the majority of characters so far are not human mean the law of probability be in favor of him not being human either, or would the fact that we haven’t had a new human character for so long mean we’re bound to have another one soon?

The first one: Experience tells us that most characters who are relevant and interesting to the plot are human. The second interpretation is not how probability works.

True as far as it goes, but we can only discount other factors if it’s safe to assume that character designs are determined by a truly random (weighted) distribution. It’s pretty easy to counter that assumption by pointing out that, e.g., it would not make sense in context for one of Jimothy’s relatives to randomly be human. Plus, the hypothesis that Kori would want diversity in the cast seems much more plausible than the hypothesis that she is generating character designs from atmospheric noise. It’s reasonable to start with a low base probability that a new character will be human, but the fact that this guy is in human form even in the middle of an Avalon raises the probability, as does the desirability of diversity. I’d put it at around 50%.

The way he talk about the Finns, he sounds like he’s around there since the Great War and he was a great friend to Phinneas himself and extended his friendship to Phinneas’ descendants also.
I take he’s not human and is very long-lived, too.
(sorry for any English mess, just woke up)

I’m guessing, he’s the raven. (Does he say, “Nevermore”?)

Just putting it out there, but Ravi’s old design was a human-sized mantis. I’m guessing Kory ultimately changed her mind because, well, I know I can’t picture the creature in those old sketches being this expressive. I like this Ravi.

Considering Ravi’s height in comparison to the door’s height, I’m not sure if he justed jumped up to look through the window, or pulled up a stool specifically for that purpose. Or maybe he can grow several feet in height for all I know.

The door looks to be normal in height and if you look at Ravi in comparison to Merial whilst he’s hugging Jim you can see that he’s about average in height. So I think the sixth cell is more a case of perspective rather than him being much shorter than the door – ergo he’s not getting shorter nor taller its just the relative distances messing with the impression (even though generally the closer something gets the bigger and the further away the smaller – could be there’s a slight rise leading up to the building resulting in a slope he’s going down).

Maybe there’s a step built-in the door!

As a short person I mightily approve of this notion of a step built into the door, and begin to wonder how one would go about attaining such a thing.

*glares at top shelf in the pantry — just three more inches of vertical reach! That’s all I ask for! I can handle the horizontal! >:| *

A little flap on a hinge, with a t-shaped support flap attached to the first flap by another hinge, so you can unfold it and it’ll be stable even if the hinge pops loose. You could also just build the stool into the door, but that would be expensive and most likely require replacing the original door.

Well, well, well! Directness, and perhaps… some answers?

Michelle: My father came to me in a vision… he said “Ravi is still here. Ravi can help.”

Ravi: Ooooh yes! Yes I will! Most certainly!

I keep reading him with a heavy Indian accent. We’ll have to see if there are any further indications as to whether this is accurate.

Now, I notice that he has a human form at this time, even though he is in the midst of the Liverpool Avalon. We shall have to see if there is a reason for this. He might have difficulty speaking or doing other stuff in his alternate forms. Maybe he’s a hemisemidemigod: a bit divine, but not much else. He might even be a rakshasa, with a natural form as scary as an angry bugbear.

Of course, I might be assuming too much, as might Ravi. >:=)>

Ravi: I do not have words to congratulate you, oh mighty and perspicacious Jimothy! When you set off, I asked you to find Cher and invite her to visit my home, and you have done this! My admiration knows no bounds!

Jim: You what?! This isn’t, I mean, Michelle here isn’t Cher! She doesn’t even look like her!

Michelle: *turns to Merial, mouths “do I??”*

Merial: *double-take pause* *headshake*

Jim: Ravi, this is Michelle Jocasta. *cough*sphinx*cough* Michelle, this is Ravi.

Ravi: … *sigh* I thought… oh well… I think it is my distant cousin who is also called Ravi that you are wanting – always meddling in dangerous affairs rather than contenting himself with honest trade and American songstresses… I will see if I can track him down for you… :-(


… I can only hear Brian Drummond’s voice when reading Ravi’s speech bubbles.

Is it me, or is Merial noticably , well, “Fatter” in this page than the others?

He appears to be from India….

Someone check his thumbs and see which way they bend.

I’m not sure I understand.

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