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Translation: She’s a prisoner.

And how is that, in any way, shape, or form good news? Oh Ravi, how you frustrate me so.

So, Greg did lose her, essentially

Gosh freaking DARNIT I wish I had both the money and the means to meet you at a con, ANY con. If you happen to be at a con that’s by Phoenix, as its closest to me, I’d drop everything to see you. Drop a pan of fresh cookies on the floor and rush out the door

Note that nobody has said yet that Michelle has to stay there without her friends. Granted, they all have lives to return to back in the USA (just like she does), but maybe they can at least stay for a while…or help her in a daring “escape” attempt that will lead to all sorts of misadventures.

If only there were some kind of secret tunnel out of the Avalon the Elder Council doesn’t know about…

Oh, but a bugbear could still find her anyways, so she’d need some kind of spell, or perhaps an artifact or talisman that can defeat a bugbear’s radar…

Coming soon to a comic strip near you… Escape from Liverpool!

Ravi, you and I need to talk about the definition of “great news.”

I think the great news is that they believed her. I also think Ravi might have a hard time understanding why anyone woudl not want to be in this Avalon, since it’s the one he chose to live in. I also don’t think he’s capable of understanding why anyone would be unhappy about spending more time with him.

Ravi just came back after having decided to not live there for ages. Besides, he’s lived among mortals for centuries. If he’s clueless, it’s because wants to be (or because he’s badly written. I like this comic alot, but Ravi stands out as having the depth of a piece of cardboard)

Just out of curiosity, we know that the Avalon has magic hiding them from humans… but what about protection from demons that are chasing Michelle and Co?

I think it’s a safety in numbers thing.

More like a “Let’s keep her where we have at least a LITTLE control, shall we?” thing. The council members are big frogs in a very, very small pond.

Big anime eyes. Got to love them.

Also who else is a Farscape fan besides myself and lynx?

At this point, Michelle needs her friends more than ever, I think. They can navigate the social and political side of the Avalon easier than her, and she needs the moral support of people who have known her as “just Michelle” and keep her grounded, as well as trusted people who will not exploit or betray her.
Because right now, it seems like Michelle keeps losing control over her situation.

Solution: Semester abroad, y’all.

It seems the council did make Michelle reluctantly agree to this plan. What do you have to say to that, Jim?

Greg about to choke Ravi.

Yeah, no, this isn’t going to stand.

I give it 3 days, maybe even less than 24 hours, before the 4 of them hatch a daring plan to escape the Avalon and get back to America, possibly by utilizing the incredible cosmic powers that ‘chelle now finds herself with.

She could reasonably stay until August (this is their summer vacation, right?) But then she and the rest would have to head back to Missouri to register for the new semester, if nothing else. ‘sides, I doubt a local Avalon council has enough clout to block Federal authorities if they began wondering where a group of visiting US college students got off to and why they haven’t flown back yet. So they’ll have to let her go home before too long or questions will raised from the outside noone wants to answer.

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